Morning Static: Emilie De Ravin, John Krasinski, PRIME SUSPECT & More!

• Still Wanted: A lead for NBC’s PRIME SUSPECT reboot.
• Good news if you’re a fan of police procedurals, there are at least 22 (!) in development for next season.
• You’ve got a friend in Flocke, Emilie De Ravin chats about Jungle Claire.
• Because nothing puts a smile on our face like receiving anything other than a bill in the mail: POPULAR The Complete First Season is 60% off on
• As much as we love THE OFFICE’s John Krasinski… Captain America, Really?

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  • Yea, I LOVE John. Away We Go was amazing, and I love The Office. However, NO WAY he’s Captain America. He was even on the cover of Men’s Health once, and THAT baffled me.

    However, that said, have you SEEN the rest of the list? Cap is supposed to be a wise leader of The Avengers, yet a lot of people up for this role are in their early/mid 20s. Cap should at LEAST be 30.

  • Josh C.

    I’m all about mr. Jason Street being Captain America. But I hope that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t see him on Caprica more. I love his character its weird yet totally hot

  • Josh C,
    Jason Street would be an awesome Captain America!

  • Nick

    22 new cop shows? I didn’t know CBS had that many openings in their lineup. Go figure.