TV News: By the Numbers

The number of twitter followers Conan O’Brien has attracted since joining the popular social media tool a mere two days ago.

The number of seconds it took for Conan O’Brien to amass more twitter followers than us. Really, not bitter at all.

The dollar amount of Ellen’s rumoured AMERICAN IDOL wardrobe allowance.

The cost of your average pantsuit at Macy’s.

The number of weeks American audiences will have to wait following the UK premiere to meet the new DOCTOR WHO on BBC America.

The approx. number of seconds it will take for American audiences to procure the episode via ‘alternative methods’ rather than wait for two whole weeks! Seriously, when will networks learn?

What it will cost for you to download individual tracks from this week’s AMERICAN IDOL Top 24 performances on iTunes.

The number of songs we’ll be downloading from this week’s train wreck.

The number of complaints the March 2009 episode of FAMILY GUY — that had Stewie accidentally drinking horse semen in lieu of milk — generated.

The number of people who apparently have (a) far too much free time on their hands, or (b) no sense of humour.

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  • Ace

    30,676: The number of Twitter followers amassed by Jay Leno over the 44 weeks he has been on Twitter.

  • Carol

    Frankly, I think its so clever how Conan used Twitter to is advantage. Its funny, sympathetic and its maybe a great advertising for his maybe new coming on the road show 🙂 At least we can say he’s following the new trends !!!

  • ggny

    hahaha nice Ace

  • Yes Ace, very well done 🙂

  • Ace

    I’m glad you guys liked it bc I felt dirty looking him up to get the exact number. 😛

  • Nice, Ace. You are awesome

  • That is dirty. Got in a nice little fight over the weekend about how Conan rocks and J sucks. It was a bit silly but I was right! And I am stinking to it.

  • TVFan

    BBC America is out of their mind if they think fans of the show will wait two weeks to meet the new Doctor. Big mistake people.