March TV 2010: Download, Print and Keep Track of All of Your Favorite New and Returning Shows

So Five Minutes Ago: The Olympics. Out: February. In: March, and with it, a slew of very exciting new (PARENTHOOD, THE PACIFIC, JUSTIFIED) and returning favorites (90201, GOSSIP GIRL, SCRUBS). All of which you can easily keep track of thanks to our newly redesigned March TV Calendar. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

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  • Asap

    Where is Chuck? Where is Supernatural?

  • Ace

    Asap — I think only “special events” (premieres, finales, guest stars) are on the calendar. Chuck comes back tonight and Supernatural/Vampire Diaries come back March 25.

  • TVFan

    Love the redesign. And since “Chuck” returns tonight it’s okay you left it out. Assuming of course everybody else knows that.

  • Asap,
    Thanks for the SUPERNATURAL heads up. As for Chuck, I have a feeling the six million loyal fans know that it’s back tonight.

  • L

    I am so excited for the return of In Plain Sight! Mary McCormack is so good. But it usually starts a few weeks later in Canada. Any news on when it is going to start here?

  • Is nobody going to comment on the snazzy new calendar design… really 🙂

  • L

    Very snazzy!

  • Remy

    Hey, I’m loving the snazzy new calendar design! 😉

  • N.E.

    …. so what about castle?

  • N.E.

    and the new design is really good by the way

  • Hil

    In Plain Sight is coming back at the end of the month? Hell yeah!

  • glenda stahl

    what ‘s up with numb3rs? was it cancelled?

  • It’s the 31st, where’s the April calendar? I use your calendar to update my website