One Sentence Review: THE MARRIAGE REF

Guest-judge Alec Baldwin summed this mess up best when he said of NBC’s unfunny, mean-spirited, Olympic-ceremony-interrupting bomb, “I think we’re wasting a lot of valuable network time here.”

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  • Jackie

    “I never thought I would miss the inflatable beavers.”

  • Predictably stupid.

  • Cordelia

    Funny, real marriage issues on a show I won’t be able to watch because of it’s day and timeslot on NBC.

  • Bethany


  • Starling

    Do you suppose NBC execs got bonuses this year?

  • TVFan

    I’d rather watch Heroes.

  • L

    I just love Alec Baldwin. And have absolutely no intention of ever watching that show.

  • Cyn

    I think I want to like it….but I don’t think I did.

  • Ted Ferragut

    I am embarrassed for Jerry Seinfeld. That was the pits. Kill it before Thursday.

  • Could have used that extra hour of sleep.What a waste, what a joke, what an embarrassment for Baldwin, Ripa and Seinfeld…Three great entertainers got sucked into this farce of a show. Was the audience on nitrous gas….what a fake…Cancel it please…

  • Could have used that extra hour of sleep….

  • Glenn

    Previews looked interesting, plus big name stars participating. But the show was lame. I’m surprised NBC did’t figure that out before airing.

  • Slowdownjoey

    Not good. Way too many shots of the panelists bowled over with laughter at something that was not that funny. Were they trying to convince us? The host is not that funny, way too immature, looking for stupid ways to get a laugh.

  • Pete

    Not funny. Turned it off when they started to analyze/review the first clip after we’d already watched it.

  • Paul Cardin

    Was this produced by Jerry Seinfeld or Jerry Springer??

  • Barry Shaffer

    The only thing that will save this show would be to referree the Tiger vs. Elin dispute.

  • Joe C

    Painfully unfunny!!!! Stupid idea and even worse show. I’m a Jerry Seinfeld worshiper so, despite the dumb looking ads for this show, I still had some hope. Boy was I wrong!! There was not one moment, situation or person that was funny or entertaining (including Jerry). This could possibly be the most UNFUNNY show I have ever seen. My God, what was he thinking?!!

  • The more post-Seinfeld (the TV show) I see of Jerry Seinfeld, the more I think his fame is owed to Larry David. The only entertaining appearances I’ve seen him in since Seinfeld was Curb Your Enthusiasm. The horribly failed Microsoft commercials w/ Bill Gates completely supports this theory.

  • myra

    i thought the show was hilarious. i am amazed that the other comments are so off.

  • Zap

    It sucked!!!

  • stephen

    When half of a show is devoted to shots of its members laughing at their own funniness…. You know you’re trying to be sold something that you shouldn’t buy. This was abysmal. So much potential as an idea. Such great people partaking. What a wreck. I’m actually angry at a TV show. Sad.

  • Thomas DeTurk

    That was the worst t.v. show I’ve ever seen in my life. Ever. What a horrible embarrassment for Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa, and Alec Baldwin. Kill it in the cradle!!

  • ethan

    well, i wouldn’t say the show was “hilarious”, but they sure made me laugh here and there… i think they should give it a try.

  • Emily

    I thought there were a few funny moments, but the host was cheesy and should be more like the host of a game show, and there was just not enought ‘meat’ for a 1/2 hour show- it seemed like they were stretching it to fit the time slot. Then to have someone recap the best lines of the night- the best lines were chosen from only 10 lines to start, then they chose the best 2?!! Whole show seemed very forced, and a little uncomfortable to watch.

  • PAM


  • Bernie

    This show is so bad that i don’t think I’ll even be able tyo watch old reruns of Seinfeld anymore.

  • Barbara

    I can’t believe Jerry Seinfeld has his name attached to this farce.
    Where did he come up with the host. They all look like middle school
    actors trying to convince the audience this is funny. Not once did
    anyone look like they were really laughing because the material was
    funny. He needs “Seinfeld” writers to correct this mess.

  • Toby

    I thought it was hysterical…not sure what’s wrong with you people??
    How often do we get to see those hilarious stars “bantering” in that way… they were quick, human and very funny. The host was hilarious

  • Dee

    The verdict is in: Post “Seinfeld” TV show, which was brilliant, Jerry Seinfeld has LOST his comedic touch. If the Microsoft commercials with Bill Gates sullied his reputation, this ridiculous piece of crap has torpedoed it for good! Words cannot describe how much I HATED this contrived, stupid, obviously CHEAP, lame, embarrassing televised garbage that looks like it was thrown together (including scripting, casting, shooting, etc.) in about 15 minutes. I kept expecting that it had to get better, but it amazed me how low it could go. JERRY, just go away and live on your gazillions. You’re done.

  • Carolyn Maciag

    I can’t believe Jerry Seinfeld has his name attached to this farce.
    Where did he come up with the host. They all look like middle school
    actors trying to convince the audience this is funny. Not once did
    anyone look like they were really laughing because the material was
    funny. He needs “Seinfeld” writers to correct this mess.

  • juniper

    OMG! What the eff was Seinfeld trying to do? Sabatage his career?

  • Jerry S.

    Hi Guys! I’m sorry for producing such a lame show… I mean it is way better than the Joy Behar show, but that ain’t at saying much. YadaYadaYada…

  • mp

    like it…reminds us we need to lighthearted about somesimple disagreements in relationships.

  • Caught an episode on Bravo(?) with Eva Longoria and Tina Fey…
    I SO wanted to love this show as I am a huge Seinfeld fan but MAN OH MAN. It was a torturous hour. I kept watching just in case things picked up but no luck.

    The host was just plain awful. Maybe if Jerry took his spot things would be a tiny bit better???

    Poor Tina looked embarrassed to be there and kept forcing out chuckles for the host’s benefit.

    I cringed the whole hour on everyone’s behalf. Really Jerry, what were you thinking?????!?!?!

  • Ziggy

    BAD….won’t watch it again…It that woman got on a ‘strippers’ pole…I’d feel really sorry for the pole……(help me i’m bending and breaking)

    BTW…..why isn’t the ‘marriage ref’ wearing a refs uniform and throwing flags etc……still would help much

  • Vanessa

    If you’re married, it’s great; if you’re single or divorced, stay away, you wouldn’t understand.