Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Last Night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Was Actually Worth Staying Up For!

In a surprisingly funny take on CBS’ hit new reality series UNDERCOVER BOSS, SNL spoofed the formula with CELEBRITY UNDERCOVER BOSS. Which saw company CEO’s like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, the Olsen Twins and Martha Stewart attempt to go incognito working entry-level jobs at their own companies.

While we’re the first to admit to knowing virtually nothing about the political scandal this week that forced Governor of New York David Paterson to end his campaign for re-election — we do know that unlike Bobby Moynihan’s Weekend Update Commentary that took YouTube to task for buffering in a sketch that felt like it belonged in 2005 — Fred Armisen’s always hilarious Paterson impersonation will be missed.

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers campaign to be Jon Stewart’s heir apparent continued with some smart and quipy one-liners like this one, “Gatorade this week officially dropped Tiger Woods as their spokesperson after realizing that his thirst would never be quenched.”

Just how funny (and uncharacteristically snarky) was SNL’s cold-open that had the show tearing apart the ridiculous, albeit well-intentioned sequel to the iconic “We Are The World” celebrity by celebrity (Justin Bieber, Really?). So much so that we’re willing to forgive the not-so-pleasant attempt by Jason Sudeikis to impersonate Adam Lambert that has forever been etched in our memory.

Saving this week’s Andy Samberg digital short, a “Flags of the World” music video, from digital dud status were two blink-and-you’ll miss references to LOST and Betty White. Who caught them?

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  • Ace

    I didn’t watch but I notice not one mention of the host/musical guest J-Lo…

  • TVFan

    JLO was fine. Nothing special, but neither the highlight or the lowlight.

  • kevin

    i really liked the one with the different car horns.