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olympic_goldflickr credit: vkm2f

According to the Canadian Nielsen equivalent (BBM Canada), a staggering 50% of the country watched Sidney Crosby et al defeat the United States in breathtaking fashion (read: overtime) to win the only medal that mattered Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s hockey. Which naturally begs the question: Combining the knowledge gleaned from Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies (Moose, and mounties, and beavers! Oh, my!) along with the usual array of stereotypes perpetuated by the likes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, what on earth do we think the other half of the country was doing?

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  • TVFan

    Well if HIMYM taught me anything, those Canadians not watching the game were either at the mall or Tim Hortons.

  • dDub

    just 50% !? That doesn’t sound right… perhaps the other half were out watching at bars or house parties?

  • B-Ri

    The other half of the country accidently turned off their lights and were too scared to search for the tv remote.

  • Josh Emerson

    Working? Although I’m sure it seemed like a national holiday, Tim Hortons and Walmart Canada probably didn’t agree.

  • TVFan

    Free Health Care and Canadian Gold. Canada FTW!

  • John

    Isn’t it Sidney Crosby, not Sydney? Isn’t misspelling his name now a federal offense in Canada?

  • John,
    Would you buy the excuse that I’m still hungover? Thanks for the heads up

  • Liz

    You mean there was someone who didn’t watch the game?

    Working? Certainly not it was a Sunday. That’s beaver wrestling night. 🙂