Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday March 2, 2010


The “top” 10 boys “perform.”

PARENTHOOD (10PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
With tonight’s premiere of PARENTHOOD comes something we haven’t done since May of 2009: Suggest a television show for you to watch at 10PM on NBC. Weird.

THE GOOD WIFE (10PM CBS, Global in Canada)
This steadily well-acted drama has been the surprise of the season, standing out among CBS’ sundry of well-oiled case-of-the-week workhorses. Tonight, Alicia’s (a magnetic Julianna Marguiles) adulterous husband (Chris Noth, part Spitzer, part Mr. Big) is placed under house arrest and back at work she’s handling the accused murderer of one of Madoff’s cohorts. Save for an overcompensating guest turn by Alan Cumming, WIFE continues to richly capture the strong emotions behind the headlines. Tuesdays are busy, but this is worth making time for. Grade: B+ — Aleks Chan

Most definitely not brought to you by the Los Angeles tourism bureau is the second season premiere of SOUTHLAND which features a senior citizen kidnapped by a drug addict, a freeway shooting, and a riot.

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  • Doesn’t Parenthood seem an awful lot like Brothers & Sisters? I’ll tune in to give it a chance for at least a few episodes, but it seems like we’ve seen this show before.

  • Josh C.

    More people should watch the biggest loser. It’s really inspirational and besides the amazing race probably one of the best reality shows on tv

  • showtime

    It does seem like Brothers and Sisters but it definitely has a better cast. Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Craig T. Nelson…and Dax Shepard isn’t that bad (lol)

  • Josh Emerson

    I wish Idol hadn’t switched the groups. I like the guys better and was hoping they weren’t going to be on at the same time as Lost.

    I will not be watching Parenthood.

  • bws

    I hope Parenthood can strike the right “dramedy” balance. Sorry, I haven’t read your review yet TVA so I don’t know its tone – I plan to watch the Pilot with a complete open mind.

    Also… freaking LOST!!