Good News, Bad News: THE SIMPSONS, AMERICAN IDOL, Conan O’Brien & More!


Good News: When Lisa’s classmates ostracize her for being an overachiever, coming to her defense is none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. Bad News: Voiced by Angela Bassett, in the March 21 episode of THE SIMPSONS entitled “Stealing First Base”

Good News: Bigwig AMERICAN IDOL and FOX executives totally read!!! Bad News: Thus, putting an end to our very popular two-week old feature AMERICAN IDOL: By the Numbers. [Source: RealityBlurred]

Good News: Even under the constraints of 140 characters, Conan O’Brien is still as hilarious as ever. Bad News: For his late night competition if/when O’Brien returns to television… with a vengeance. [Source: @conanobrien]

Good News: Neil Patrick Harris has landed the lead in Smurfs: The Movie. Bad News: For self-professed-Smurfholic Michael Ausiello. [Source: DHD]

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  • Mayhoff

    Man that sucks about American Idol by the numbers. It was a great idea.

  • Thanks Mayhoff,
    Yeah, it’s rare when I have an idea that turns out to be a little *too* good!

  • I thought of your column immediately when I saw that news about the one account for all the contestants. It was a great idea while it lasted.