The ABC Promo Department Needs to get LOST

Look, it’s one thing for ABC’s marketing department to pique fan’s interest with an exciting teaser for next week’s episode, it’s another thing entirely to flat out lie. Which is why, whomever is responsible for the above promo for last night’s episode of LOST needs to put a stop to the blatant false advertising. Unless of course they’d like to fill us in with regards to just what questions were answered during last night’s episode. Because outside of shedding some light on why LOSTerminds Lindelof and Cuse cast Japanese action star Hiroyuki Sanada as the enigmatic Dogen which culminated in an epic Sayid vs. Dogen smack-down — we’re well, kinda lost.

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  • Ace

    I had forgotten that the promos said that. It was a great episode, but def. provided the least answers of any of the episodes so far this season.

  • Manju

    I guess that’s why they called in for help with the promotion of the final season from the fans?
    But you have to admit, it’s always brilliant advertising to say that questions will be answered and say you can’t show much of the episode, viewers will tune in, and they will continue to do so until they get their promised answers.

  • Manju,
    It frustrates me that the ABC promo department and LOSTerminds Lindelof and Cuse are on completely separate pages. Accepting the premise that it’s all about the character’s journey is a lot harder when ABC insists on teasing episodes with “Questions will be Answered!”

  • jess

    i completely agree. in fact it made me enjoy the episode less since i keep think where are the big secret reveals we are supposed to be getting!!

  • Josh Emerson

    Does Lost even need any advertising to begin with? I think at this point, the only people watching are those who will be tuning in no matter what anyway. They aren’t drawing any new fans in for the final season.

  • This is nothing new. The promos have always been misleading. I’ve been seeing this complaint since season two. It’s just one of those things you can’t put a lot of stock in. Watch the promo, listen to the dialogue and look at the little snippets. But ignore the announcer.

  • eliott256

    It’s like Stranger In a Strange Land when they said 3 BIG mysterious would be solved and it was just how jack got his tatoo, what his tatoo said and where cindy and the kids had been

  • cam3150

    I don’t understand all of this frustration regarding the issue of “where are all the answers?”. Yes, the promo dept lied but that’s nothing new (Brothers and Sisters “death”, anyone?). I’m not even watching the promos for this season because they’re always misleading, plus I’m 100% spoller free on this show. Yes, it’s the last season but we’re still a long way to the finish line. I would be frustrated too if it was the next to last episode and we still had no idea what was going on but we’re a few months away from that point and each episode is getting us closer. I’m not understanding why everyone can’t just enjoy the ride. Last night’s episode was awesome, probably the best of the season 2nd only to “The Substitue”. Why can’t everyone just enjoy it for what it was and not be so focused on “nothing was answered”?

  • Ace

    Cam — I can’t speak for everyone but I was just knocking the promo, not the rest of the show. I think we’ve seen quite a few answers in these first few episodes. Just not any in this one after ABC made such a big deal about it. Just poor marketing.

  • DB

    wow, bitching about promos!!!!! a bit excessive don’t you think? when had promos ever been not deceitful, they are there to get you excited. just watch the effing show!

  • Manju

    @theTVaddict, I absolutely get where you’re coming from. I was just defending their commercial reasons, though I do not agree. I just thought it was smart, deviant game they played.
    But it’s exactly like you say, it can be well expected that the promo department knows how to get the audiences, but we also know that Darlton won’t give those answers until the finale. You know better than that!