AMERICAN IDOL Season 9 Results: Who Went Home

Dying to know which contestants America sent packing tonight, but not enough to actually sit through the commercial-filled, over-produced, hour-long borefest that was tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL results show? No problem, that’s what is here for!

Clockwise from top left: Haeley Vaughn (Who as I type this is butchering “The Climb” to such an extent that I have a new-found appreciation for Miley Cyrus), Jermaine Sellers, Michele Delamore, and John Park.

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  • Josh Emerson

    I wanted John to stay. But I’m very happy we won’t have to suffer through Haeley anymore.

  • I couldn’t stand Haeley from the beginning, I haven’t watched yet (PST zone), but all I care about is that Haeley and Jermaine went home. Disliked them both. It’s sad when Miley Cyrus becomes a singing goddess when compared to Haeley’s singing.

  • Bob

    I guess only white people are watching this year.

  • makila

    no, Bob white people are the only ones that are voting.