Morning Static: UGLY BETTY, PARENTHOOD, Sarah Palin & More!

• Brace yourself, for a braces-free UGLY BETTY!
• Are ABC’s stars jumping the sinking ships that are DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS? The Hollywood Reporter certainly thinks so.
• Pilot Watch: , Debra Messing, Dana Delaney, Blair Underwood, Ana Ortiz and Alicia Witt sign onto pilots.
• From B&S to P&R, Rob Lowe is heading to Pawnee.
• Hollywood is at the root of all evil and a bastion of left-wing wackos… until that is, some former Governor from Alaska needs to shop around a reality TV docudrama.
• Did actual parenthood keep you from watching Tuesday’s premiere of PARENTHOOD? Download the pilot for free on iTunes by clicking here.

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  • Ace

    I think that Dana Delany and Rob Lowe left their respective shows b/c they are both talented actors who have been severely underutilized by the show they are on. DH and B&S may have fallen some in the ratings, bu they are still the strongest shows on Sunday and you don’t leave that for a pilot that may fail or Pawnee (no offense, but the ratings there are pretty bad…) unless there is another reason. Even w/ those too shows dropping in ratings and quality, I bet they are on for at least 2 more seasons (well, maybe just one for B&S).

  • grumpyoldman

    I hope they spin off Dana Delaney’s character into her own show….of course also starring the ex-stripper.

  • TVFan

    Could Sarah Palin be anymore of a hypocrite. You can’t rail against left wing Hollywood on the campaign trail than turn around and ask them for money. WTF?

    As for Rob Lowe, after years on the West Wing and B&S I find it hard to imagine him fitting in on a comedy. That said, can’t wait to see his lighter side.

  • pretty much over it myself

  • Thanks for the Parenthood tip. I watched it and loved it. I didn’t know it had started but since Tuesdays are pretty dead around here I’ll definitely be tuning in this week.