This Just In: SMALLVILLE to Return for a 10th Season!

Good Super News: That sound you just heard was the collective sigh of 3.12 million SMALLVILLE fans upon learning that the CW Network has announced that Tom Welling and Co. will be returning in the fall of 2010 for what the CW calls “a momentous” tenth season. Bad Not-so-Super News: For fans of ONE TREE HILL, MELROSE PLACE and LIFE UNEXPECTED who will more than likely be waiting until May the last possible moment to find out the fate of their favorite show.

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  • Edward Black

    Is life unexpected in trouble?

  • Seth C.

    But will we finally have some tights and flights???

  • Mel

    Woot!! Great news!!

  • Manju

    This is absurd. I mean, I think even those who expect the world to end today knew Smallville was getting a 10th season, but where is the love for OTH? Are you serious? This is ridiculous. Seven seasons and then having to wait until May….WHAT. THE. [ENTER ANY NEGATIVE WORD TO CW HERE]

  • Nick

    Chill out, Manju. As we all know, OTH wasn’t even supposed to last THIS long. Many wanted it to end when CMM fled. But The CW is WELL aware of the passionate fan support and the ratings, so if Josh and the actors are on-board, it will return. Don’t worry.

    All of these early renewals are the exception, not the rule. Normally we don’t hear what’s returning until mid-May.

  • jess

    SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT SMALLVILLE YAY!!!!! I hope LUX gets a chance too!! and that all the OTH fans get their happy ending as well

  • Manju

    @Nick, I know, but I’m just one of those passionate fans. But who’s Josh? And for The CW, it’s always early, except with cancellations. It waited practically until the finale of Veronica Mars aired before they declared it dead. I just don’t want to do that again. OTH is one of the few shows I’m still really passionate about and even as a Smallville fan, I still think OTH has more creativity left.

  • Nick

    Sorry, I get Josh Schwartz and Mark Schwahn mixed up all the time because of their funky spellings. I meant Mark…and as long as he doesn’t have his poker in too many other projects, I can’t see him abandoning OTH.

    And The CW folks have far too much respect for the cast and producers of this show to keep them in the lurch any longer than necessary.

  • Rachel

    Thnaks CW for renewing my favourite TV show on earth – Smallville…you made my day!As long as i get to see Tom Welling in it and Erica Durance…i will watch Smallville.I have two requests though – MAKE SUPERMAN FLY BY THEN OF THIS SEASON AND FLY IN SEASON 10, and CHANGE HIS COSUTME TO A DARK BLUE SPANDEX WITH SHIELD LOGO ON HIS CHEST (WITHOUT A CAPE WILL BE FINE)…Like costume in X-MEN if you know what i mean – this will be cool and fantastic to watch!

  • I didn’t know people were still that into Smallville. I hopped off that bandwagon so long ago. I’d much rather they have Tom Welling star in a big-screen Superman. To me he’s the best looking Superman since Christopher Reeve (even though I did like Dean Cain on Lois and Clark).