TV Ratings: Wednesday March 3, 2010 (America #Fail! Why aren’t more of you watching MODERN FAMILY?)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 23.24 8.3/23
NBC Mercy 6.04 1.6/5
CBS New Adventures of Old Christine 5.95 1.7/5
ABC Modern Family (R) 5.18 1.7/5
CW Life Unexpected (R) 1.05 0.5/1
8:30PM ABC The Middle 6.02 2.1/6
CBS Gary Unmarried 6.02 2.0/5
9PM FOX American Idol 23.85 8.7/22
CBS Criminal Minds 13.18 3.6/9
ABC Modern Family 8.08 3.5/9
NBC Law & Order: SVU 7.47 2.5/6
CW Gossip Girl (R) 480,000 0.2/1
9:30PM ABC Cougar Town 5.39 2.4/6
10PM CBS CSI: NY 12.45 3.1/9
NBC Law & Order: SVU 9.04 3.0/9
ABC Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special 4.37 1.3/4

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  • J

    Ouch at Cougar Town. The show is barely beating The Middle in the demo and actually has less overall viewers.

  • VJ

    More attention should be given the Middle which is a great comedy. Even tivo the re-runs.

    Watched those other shows Modern Family & Cougar Town and they bored me.

  • Because it’s not that good. I tried to watch it for the second time last night, as it seemed promising from the previews. This was after I watched a couple of weeks ago, but had come in the middle of it.

    Didn’t like it much then, but thought I’d give it another chance starting from the top. 22 minutes in I was changing the channel. The show tries to be too smart-assed when it’s not that clever, and has a very scattered plot line (if there is one at all) that hops around from scene to scene, and subplot from to subplot like a thrown together mural; instead of a seamless, well mixed soup.

    It’s just a colleague of scattered, disjointed stuff happening, that’s not very interesting, and tries to be too cute by half.

    I turned to Life Unexpected. It was much better. That’s what America is failing at by not watching.

  • why don’t i watch modern family?
    because it’s stupid and not funny

  • Eric

    Yeah, Modern Family doesn’t seem to be an funny show. It’s verging on pathetic, really.

  • sadf

    TVaddict=fail, b/c they said america fails, USA USA USA

  • I love Modern Family! 😉 Especially last night.

  • grumpyoldman

    The Middle is the funniest show on TV. period.

  • uhmyeah

    Criminal Minds

  • hope black

    because i would much rather watch criminal minds. that show is just truly amazing, great acting, great writing, and awesome special effects