First Look: THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Sheldon Has His Pants on the Ground

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

Although we’re not 100% sure as to why poor Sheldon is lookin’ like a fool with his pants on the ground, we do have a two-part theory that goes a little something like so: Alcohol + fear of public speaking = a March 22nd episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY that fans are not going to want to miss. More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

jim parsons big bang theory sheldon

Photo Credits: Cliff Lipson/CBS

  • Takineko

    YAAY! I’ve been looking foreward to this one. Sheldon/Penny goodness <333

  • Holly

    I know why he has his pants on the ground! It’s funny.

  • Anna

    So do I…bummed there’s not been much LP lately…

  • Holly

    All five of them are there, Takineko…it’s really not that much S/P…

    LP FTW

  • Takineko

    I had a friend who went to the taping, I was talking about the S/P scenes/interactions I’m looking forward to. They are so funny together ^^

  • Ella

    So Penny takes Sheldon shopping? … Awesome! This has been a long time coming and as much entertainment as Sheldon’s plaid-suit can provide nothing beats Sheldon in that black suit, he looks great and taking in Penny’s reaction he looks more than great. They may not be canon but SP can definitely carry this show even as just-friends and I’m glad for the lack of LP they annoy me and do little to entertain me. Yay for SP interaction as well as group interaction (or so it seems).

  • Laura

    SP for the win! ?

  • GG

    Sheldon and Penny totally rock! They rocked last week with the suits, though Sheldon unfortunately failed that department and so leave it to Penny to save the day…and ooooh boy, she did! Judging from her reaction, seems she’s learning to fan girl over Sheldon like the rest of us are doing!

    Sheldon and Penny may not be canon, but man they are better than canon! Will be waiting til the moment they finally get together. Woooot!

  • Todd


  • TVFan

    Why don’t they just get it over and officially rename the series “Sheldon & Penny”

  • Tina

    hmmm….let’s think…because Sheldon and Penny actually are not a couple…sorry to break it to you.

  • Lacus

    More about Sheldon and Penny~
    Can’t waiting.

  • Nick

    he is stronger than i thought~

  • annie

    maybe his is dreaming. he is fear so he had a terrible dream

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  • I was at this taping! One of the best times I’ve ever had at a taping. Cant wait to go at the end of the month and hoping to meet a bunch of Paradoxers! 🙂

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