We Salute Blake Clark (And Why COMMUNITY is the Best Show You’re Not Watching)


It takes a special kind of actor to leave it all hanging in the name of comedy. Which is why, we at theTVaddict.com would like to take this opportunity to salute last night’s COMMUNITY MVP Blake Clark — who quite literally did just that.

Playing Coach Bogner, the Glendale College Gym teacher with an inexplicable predilection for very short shorts, Clark, a journeyman actor in his own right (BOY MEETS WORLD anyone?) not only left his clothes and some may say his dignity on the floor in what was easily the funniest and most competitive game of Pool we’ve ever seen. He did so next to Joel McHale!

Which combined with the gangs teasing of Britta for her pronunciation of “bagel” (“BAG-el”), the unexpected appearance of “White” Abed (Again, something you had to see it), and a plethora of pop culture references too numerous to mention (Abed’s Don Draper FTW!), helped cement COMMUNITY as our official pick for the best show on TV that you’re not watching.

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  • Brilliant episode. Loved everything about it.

    If you don’t renew this, NBC… so help me…

  • Ace

    I find Community very hit or miss, but last night’s episode was so very very hilarious. LOVED the pop culture references. Also, let’s be honest…who knew Joel McHale was so fit under his “hipster” clothes. The fact that Parks and Recs has been given another season already and Community hasn’t is just wrong.

  • Manju

    Really? I thought it was Community’s worst episode to date. A pronunciation joke that was so fake and set-up it wasn’t funny. A white version that didn’t succeed. And a finale in pool that was so lame and unoriginal it could’ve been from an American Pie sequel. Sorry, but Community has way, WAY better jokes than this. Though, yes, Blake Clark deserves some credit.

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved the episode. I know people like to talk about how much Parks and Rec has improved this season, which is true, but I still say Community is the better show. Seeing Joel McHale’s body was a bonus.

  • kevin

    last night’s episode was awesome. easily the funniest of the season. but, i think parks and recreations is a better show, and it gets less ratings, so i would say that that’s the best show people aren’t watching. plus, i never i would’ve guessed that joel mchale is totally ripped.

  • Kevin,
    Equally loved PARKS AND REC last night. Particularly Andy’s line about being as savvy an investor as Warren Buffet (pronounced like the all-you-can-eat variety!)

    For Everyone,
    Just out of morbid curiosity, figuring that a guest star for an episode may get in between 10 – $20,000. Would you play naked pool with Joel McHale in front of 5 million viewers?

  • Chels725

    This show is easily the best show on tv. Every scene worked and it was just fantastic. Easily in my top 3 favorite episodes of the season.

  • bws

    Community and P&R are both funnier than 30Rock and the Office this year! Who could have imagined that!

  • kevin

    i would totally play naked pool with joel mchale for 10-20,000 in front of 5 million viewers. provided i had a couple months to prepare, though.

  • kevin,
    thanks for playing, I suppose as a working actor you *might* get 2-3 weeks prep time to bulk up/slim down/or stop eating to prepare for the role!

    Found last night’s episode of THE OFFICE very disappointing. Even though I should have been prepared considering hour-long episodes generally fail to live up to the hype.

  • bws

    Well, the Office was supposed to be more of an “emotional” episode last night not necessarily a constant funny episode. My issue with the Office is that it’s just gotten too zany and Michael is WAY too over the top. Same issue last night. There were some good touching moments, of course, but they should bring Michael down a few notches and make him just a little more subtle.

    But wow, did my wife and I laugh at P&R last night. Literally had to pause it twice to laugh.

  • I don’t know. I liked the office last night. I think Dwight carried it and was so funny. From waking up cradling a gourd to making a contract to have a baby to ripping out the cabinets. Oh gosh, and getting pulled over by the cops and them knowing him by name. That was funny… I mean so were the other two! 🙂

  • TVFan

    GREAT episode of Community. Forget McDreamy and McSteamy, I’ll take McHottie McHale anyday

  • WandaCal

    Playing pool with McHale in the buff? Hmmmm. Depends. Would I be stripes or solids?

  • Tr8899Charlie

    Blake Clark has notalent.  He has to go around in a jock strap to get a laugh out of an audience.  He is an example of how bad comedy is today.  He should get a job at seven eleven where he could at least serve coffee to people