Watch, PVR, Pass: Sunday March 7, 2010


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  • Hil

    Looks like another Netflix night for me.

  • Hil,
    not a fan of the oscars?

  • Hil

    Not a fan of blue cat people. That albatross has tainted the already tired awards season for me.

  • Fair enough. While I myself could care less about who wins and loses, I am curious about the show from a TV/entertainment perspective. I’m always interested to see if the producers can create an entertaining show out of 5 hours of endless awards. As for Avatar, enjoyable albeit overrated. But no more so than the predictable war movie meets groundhog day that was Hurt Locker which I finally saw this weekend.

  • Josh C.

    Honestly I know that The Hurt Locker already won but my vote for best picture would have went to Up. I get it, its animated but it was absolutely the best movie nominated.

  • Nick

    Favorite moment of the night: Mo’Nique’s win. She’s not only a hilarious comedienne, but also a great dramatic actress. Gotta love her.

    Interesting that she saluted Hattie McDaniel in her speech, since I just read that she is “obsessed” with getting Hattie’s story onto the big screen. It’s amazing how much the two look alike.