MODERN FAMILY Outshines The Oscars

Signs you know your award show is in trouble: When the most entertaining thirty seconds from last night’s Oscar telecast was a commercial.

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  • Surprised they didn’t throw in another “Casablanca!” moment.

  • Manju

    Gloria is hilarious. “Cloudy with a chance the meatballs.” “MEATBALLS!”

  • Josh Emerson

    Awesome commercial. The only worthwhile thing about the Oscars!

  • Irish Joe

    OMG!! That was bloody hilarious!!
    Seriously, how has this show not won every major TV award going so far!?

    brb, gotta watch it again!

  • TVFan

    Genius! Perhaps next year Mitchell and Cameron could host.

  • MODERN FAMILY on Facebook has an extended version of the commercial. Oddly enough I actually found that the shorter version works better, but fun nonetheless.