Our Oscar Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!


The Good: Between Sandra Bullock, UP, Jeff Bridges and The Cove (Best Feature Documentary), it’s hard to argue with the winners. Also hard to argue with — even though frequent contributor to theTVaddict.com Aleks Chan tried — were hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Whose sharp-witted one-liners were the only thing keeping this TV Addict awake throughout the majority of the poorly-paced and massively disappointing telecast.

The Bad: Where to begin? Let’s see…. the fine folks we follow on twitter were more entertaining…. the fact that the ultra-talented Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) was forced to present with Miley “I don’t belong at any award show that doesn’t have the words ‘teen’ and ‘choice’ in it” Cyrus… that the highlight of the night were unexpected commercials for Apple’s iPad and MODERN FAMILY…. the way in which the producers awkwardly cut to Morgan Freeman and/or Samuel L. Jackson every time Precious was mentioned… the interpretive dance that saw UP represented by a performer doing the robot… the Kayne moment (of which Salon Magazine has the full story)… the omg-this-show-has-run-on-way-too-long rush of a presentation by Tom Hanks to Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker… the show taking all the fun out of the traditional “In Memoriam” applause-o-meter by muting audience reaction… the entire ABC pre-show… we missed BIG LOVE’s season finale for this… and worst of all…

The Ugly: The show made Neil Patrick Harris look bad! We mean, it’s one thing to make us sit through what felt like a seemingly never-ending kudos-fest (as Steve Martin quipped, “The show is so long that Avatar now takes place in the past.”) but to make us think less of Neil Patrick Harris, whose unexpected appearance in the opening number seemed, well let’s just say a little less than legendary… not cool Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences… not cool at all.

• Review: The Oscars
MODERN FAMILY outshines The Oscars.

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  • Pete

    I heard that Martin Short was suppose to perform with NPH on the opening number, but cancelled at the last moment. So, maybe that’s why it seemed a bit off.

  • bws

    I think “massively disappointing” is the hyperbole of the year so far. It was a perfectly serviceable night for Hollywood to pat itself on its back. Remember, the Oscars have to be everything to everyone with middle of the road, broad comedy. It’s not the MTV movie awards.

  • Nick

    I’d say 90% of all viewers would much prefer an EXTENDED “In Memoriam,” remembering ALL of the actors we’ve lost in the past year…..rather than an opening song-and-dance which meant zero. Or listening to those windbags bleeting on about each individual actor nominee.

    Seriously, Oscar…the favorites who’ve passed away (including Bea Arther and Farrah) have one final moment to be publicly recognized…and many times, we’re not even AWARE of a death until we see their faces on screen. To limit the number of actors’ deaths because of a song length is foolish.

  • The Good:
    – Sandra Bullock
    – How good Sandra Bullock & Cameron Diaz looked
    – How poised Elizabeth Banks was in her presentation for the technical awards banquet (she wasn’t nervous like others, and she was articulate without seeming practiced or like she was reading a teleprompter)
    – Up
    – The fact that Avatar got technical awards only
    – The fact that District 9 got nothing (I kinda “liked” the movie, but it bugged me)
    – The explanation of the difference between Sound Design & Sound Editing

    The Bad:
    – The “Hey, look, there’s _____” bit at the beginning of the show
    – The fact that Star Trek wasn’t nominated for Art Direction, Costumes, or even Best Picture
    – Too long (my DVR also cut off part of the Hurt Locker acceptance)
    – The completely rushed & unceremonious announcement of the Best Picture winner because it ran too long

    The Ugly:
    – The totally useless dance number (I’d rather have the song performances back)

    The “Meh”:
    – The opening song with Neil Patrick Harris
    – The hosts; Steve Martin was okay; could’ve done without Alec Baldwin

    Other Comments:
    – I liked it better last year when they grouped the awards by category, the writing awards together, art together, music together, etc. Maybe they did that again this year, but it didn’t feel like it for some reason.
    – I like the long introductions for Best Actor & Best Actress, something they started a year or two ago. But, it’s still a little too long and brings the already slow pace of the night to a screeching halt when you save it until near the end.
    – If anything has to get cut to make the ceremony quicker, I’d actually keep Sound Editing & Sound Mixing because at least they apply to movies most people have seen. At most, I’d combine them into one award, Sound Design. I’m afraid I’d have to cut (or at least somehow abbreviate) presentations for Short Film and/or Documentaries — films most viewers have never seen or would even know where to find.

  • makila

    If they are going to rush through something why not rush through the technical awards. It is so boring and the people are dreesed so bad compared to the movie stars. I guess the hosts were better than the last few years and the dresses were really pretty also. I think the oscars should be ashamed of themselves for leaving farrah fawcett and bea arthur out of the in memoriam section but putting in michael jackson. That is so disrespectful.

  • bws

    The tech awards are given their due time because of the sway each of their respective unions/guilds hold with the Academy. Don’t look for that ever to change.

  • Kaitlin

    I wouldn’t say NPH and the opening number looked bad, I’d say the song was the problem. It wasn’t nearly as good as the opening number at the Emmys or the closing number at the Tonys and that’s the reason he didn’t look like his usual fantastic self.

    The dancers in the middle of the show could have been cut completely. Give us a snippet of the score and then move on. No dancing needed.

    And while I thought Steve Martin was funny, Alec seemed to get the bad material. And I could have done without the “and here’s _________ and _________.” That’s never funny. The best part was George Clooney’s nonreaction. Next year, I think they should just let Robert Downey Jr and George Clooney get up there and say ridiculous stuff. It would be way more entertaining.

  • TVFan

    It’s a shame Baldwin and Martin are being dragged down. It’s the producers who need to be blamed. The show just dragged on and on and on. Bring back Jackman!

  • I wasn’t crazy about Baldwin & Martin, but part of it was the material they had to work with. Some of the jokes that were written for them just weren’t that good. Martin slapping the crap out of a sleeping Baldwin in that Paranormal Activity spoof, however, was hilarious.

    I actually like Kaitlin’s idea. Robert Downey Jr. and George Clooney would be a perfect pair.