Putting aside a slew of very valid criticism pertaining to last night’s episode that had many (including Slate’s always entertaining HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER shame index) single out the downside to J.Lo’s “return to relevance” promotional tour, the complete lack of development with regards to Robin’s new boyfriend Don, and Ted’s musical number that may-or-may-not-have-been ‘inspired’ just a wee bit by the recent Old Spice commercial that has taken the internet by storm, last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER worked for the simple reason that it reinforced the idea that these characters are actually really good friends. Not only was it a breath of fresh air to see the gang put aside their petty relationship squabbles, search for the show’s titular mother and incessant Barneyisms on hold in an effort to rally behind an emotionally fragile Robin. It was nice to be reminded that when push comes to shove, the fab five (much like the cast of FRIENDS before them) will be there for each other. Plus, we have a feeling we’re not the only TV Addicts who can’t get, “Bang, bang, bangety bang. Bang, bang, bang bangety bang,” out of their head!

Forget Team Baze, Ryan, Bug or Jones… the team we’re sticking up for following last night’s fantastic LIFE UNEXPECTED is “Team Sweatpants.” Comfort over style every time. That is all.

Full disclosure time. When Josh Schwartz recently tweeted, “Will you believe me when I say the show will never be the same after tonights episode?!!” er…. we didn’t. After-all, when it comes to television, the term ‘Game Changer” is thrown around about as often as “Jump the Shark.” That said, last night’s Zachary Levi directed episode of CHUCK truly lived up to the hype. Which is why, rather than nitpick on the little things — like the somewhat ridiculous Buy More subplot that completely overshadowed the return of Jeffster! and the fact that the score wasn’t so much of a homage to the Terminator movies, but a massive rip-off — we thought we’d take this opportunity to revel in the, for lack of a better word, awesomeness that was the much anticipated Subway product integration reaction by Morgan Grimes upon discovering his best-friend Chuck’s not-so-secret identity. Things will truly never be the same and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • TVFan

    HIMYM: Thought Robin’s sudden breakdown was very out of character, but really loved the Bang, Bang, Bangety Bang.

    LUX: In love with Jones, could he be any cuter with his date that reunited Lux with Tasha?

    Chuck: One Word… Awesome!

  • John

    Glad you’re willing to praise HIMYM for doing what you’ve been complaining about for months: addressing the Robin-Barney breakup instead of acting like it never happened.

    Also, anyone who likes Jones or thinks Baze is better than Ryan is a total Captain Jerksauce. Ryan 4-eva!

  • John,

    How dare you remember what I wrote in the past and use it against me 🙂

    That said, clearly I stand corrected. Although at the time I was all for creators Carter and Bays simply going back to how things were, I found myself over the past few weeks losing interest in the show that was starting to feel far too repetitive. Fingers crossed last night’s episode served as a real turning point for the series which has definitely had its fair share of creative struggles this season.

    As for LUX, aside sweatpants I’m totally on Team Jones. His date with Lux was so sweet!

  • ggny

    Last nights Episode of Chuck was the best ever for the series imo