TV Ratings: Monday March 8, 2010 (GOSSIP GIRL Returns, Viewers do not)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX House 12.75 4.8/13
CBS How I Met Your Mother 10.32 3.9/11
ABC The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding 8.51 2.4/7
NBC Chuck 6.31 2.3/6
CW Life Unexpected 1.99 0.9/3
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 10.15 3.6/9
9PM CBS Two and a Half Men 17.54 5.8/15
ABC The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding 9.22 2.8/7
FOX 24 8.91 2.8/8
NBC Trauma 4.78 1.4/4
CW Gossip Girl 1.76 1.0/3
9:30PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 16.26 5.8/15
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 14.21 4.3/11
ABC Castle 9.09 2.4/7
NBC Law & Order 5.18 1.5/5

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  • Nick

    Just an observation:

    Doesn’t it seem that The CW has better success on FRIDAYS (the alleged “show killer” night for TV….which is ridiculous) than on Monday? I mean, just look at the competition on Mondays from the other 4 nets.

    Conclusion: Smallville has averaged a 2.5 this season (and often is the #1 rated DVR show, %-wise, on top of that). So it’s time to stop wasting the Friday 9pm timeslot with reruns of Top Model. We can watch them on the website, if needed, execs! You finally have enough quality product to fully program the snot out of five nights a week. Take advantage of that Smallville lead-in audience, for pete’s sake!!

  • Myself I’m just thrilled that LIFE UNEXPECTED outdrew the far more heavily promoted and no doubt more costly GOSSIP GIRL. Go LUX!

  • cam3150

    Me too, TV Addict!! I’m really hoping that show gets renewed. Even though the Lux/Cate fights are getting repetitive, I love this show. And I really hope that Kristoffer P (however you spell it) has found a hit. I love him!

  • athena606

    okay seriously CW need to get a clue clearly they’ve been backing the wrong horse… this is how tv viewership work give the quality program and in the words of the the ghost in Field of Dreams they will come….

    History has proven where your strengths are genre shows and quality family dramas… hmmm… is that really so hard to comprehend…

    How about you stop wasting all that money promoting GG & 90210 and promote things like SPN, Smallville, LUX instead….

  • bws

    I was just going to say the same thing, TVA. But it sounds like my wife is out on LuX. It’s not “happy” or “good-feeling” enough. And the early comparisons to “Gilmore Girls” killed it for her too, since her opinion, it is NOTHING like Gilmore Girls. And I’m actually out on Gossip Girl. Decided to give up over this long hiatus. I really doubt I’ll miss it.

  • Nick

    bws: Nothing will ever be like Gilmore Girls. That was the kind of fresh, rare show that comes around once every couple decades. It’s no wonder many consider it one of the top 20 shows ever.

    But LUX is outstanding in its own right. Stop the comparisons and (good lawd, please stop the request for “feel-good happy/sappy”)…..just enjoy it for what it is: good TV.

  • bws

    Well, I gave up on LuX after 3 episodes cause I just didn’t like it very much. Objectively good or not, it’s just not my thing. And my wife is ready to give it up too just because it’s too much of a downer. For me, the dialogue wasn’t sharp/witty enough. I like all the actors though.

    I believe it was TVGuide who made the early Gilmore Girls comparison. Which was as silly then as it is now. They are truly not alike. I guess LuX is supposed to have an old-school WB vibe instead of the flashy newness of Gossip Girl and its clones.

  • Nikki

    Soooo glad the CW picked up gossip girl while OTH is on the bubble… really?? OTH out performs GG in ratings every week. Oh and OTH outperforms LUX every week as well! CW FAIL! OTH FOR SEASON 8!!!

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  • bws,
    I don’t think the TVGuide comparison was meant to say that LUX is similar to GG in terms of the Lorelai/Rory relationship. Rather I think it was meant to point out that the CW was airing a family friendly show that didn’t revolve around drunken moronic teenagers.

  • Pam

    I’m glade to see “Trauma” back.
    Looking forward to a second season.
    Thank you NBC.

  • Laura

    I watch HOUSE and I LOVE it!! 🙂