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  • Lana

    One Tree Hill is completely different to any other show I have seen and connects with its audience in a way I think a lot of shows don’t. Over seven series the show has continued to deliver its audience and fan base with emotional, deep, captivating and real story lines that so many people can relate and connect to. I have purchased every season on DVD and have continued to watch them over and over again. I laugh and I cry, I feel I go through the emotions with the characters each week and again when I re watch on DVD. I basically would say I am obsessed with this show. I can’t wait for the next episode to come out each week. I have read numerous fan sites and see that so many people feel the same way I do, that this show it too valued to finish now. Please allow One Tree Hill at least one last season to provide its dedicated fans who have been there from the very first episode and all those it has picked up along the way a chance to connect with these characters for one last season. After the most recent episode of One Tree Hill, the writing, the directing and the emotional level the actors took the storylines too proved that the show even after seven years can still provide captivating story lines and if given the chance can do so for one more season. It has been said that One Tree Hill has one of the strongest fan bases and as stated earlier I would not usually write to a station on behalf of a show, but this show has something special something different to all other shows, something worth hanging onto for at least one last season. . If the show does not get renewed or even if it does I thank the WB and CW for putting a show on with such depth and amazing capabilities to draw in its audience week after week season after season. Thanks.

  • OTHFan4Life

    PETITION for an OTH season started only 3 weeks ago, now over 16,000 signatures.

    AMAZING Save One Tree Hill Campaign:
    [scroll down for all the news]

  • Ly Constance

    Oh my god. What’s the fuck??? One Tree Hill is so much better than Gossip Girl and L.U. Please i need OTH. I love it so much. There are so much viewers for OTH. Much than for GG and LU. Come on!!! I need OTH. Why is Gossip Girl renewed whereas there are not so much viewers???
    Sorry for my bad english but i’m french

  • KeepOTH

    One Tree Hill has to get renewed for a season 8.
    This show is amazing with or without Leyton.
    So please renew One Tree Hill for the fans.

  • Ky

    What’s wrong is that Gossip Girl (which has gotten ridiculously old and horrible) is being renewed when One Tree Hill (which has the most viewers and is still likeable) is “on the bubble”. It also seems like every season CW is more than willing to bring back shows that aren’t too popular but when it comes down to One Tree Hill its always a sketchy situation, which has never made sense since the fan base and grown more and more each year. It really should be a no-brainer to keep One Tree Hill.

  • Maria

    it is the best show CW has on their network an the fans are loyal even going to UTAH to see you
    Naley is the best thing on that show along with Brooke.
    iwant more naley stuff drama and more cute naley scenes


    Exactly what ky says. What’s wrong is that you have already renewed an unrealistic show that bases everything on drugs and sex and scandals. There’s no heart and people watch it bc it has more buzz and to keep up with the lastest scandal. That’s all the show is. One tree hill brings faith and hope to people who struggle. For that hour they are taken from their struggles and worries and given hope to their lives. One tree hill storylines are truly amazing. They have taken many risks and everyone has worked. We fans are the most loyal fans out of any other show. I think the cw should consider us in this. We need this show. We deserve just one more season. Please give us that.

  • kelly

    I totally agree with lovesoth……i think the cw is being stupid…they should renew one tree hill

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  • Isabella

    I’m from the UK too, and not many people watch Gossip Girl anymore because it’s on at like 8 on itv2 and is barely advertised (plus most people watch it online) whereas when One Tree Hill is on, it gets regular adverts and daily repeats of previous seasons. Personally, I still really miss Lucas and Peyton, but One Tree Hill has still managed to succeed in creating meaningful, funny, and heartfelt episodes every week. This was the first ever non-cable show to use Led Zeppelin on their soundtrack. This was the show that brought us a school shooting, and psycho attacks that still resound in fans memories. It has excelled for 7 seasons, and The CW can’t expect us to give it up in four episodes. Whether we only get 12 episodes, we need a Season 8 as a proper send off to this immense show, to properly wrap stories, and maybe even end the show like it started, two brothers on the rivercourt. Whether you like it or not, the numbers don’t lie, and One Tree Hill deserves a proper series finale, being that it has outperformed The CW’s “most watched” shows.

  • Mary

    OTH is like the ONLY show I watch! It is SOOOO good! You feel so close with the characters. Mark Schwan is a genious! I think they need a season 8, or like half a season, just to be able to wrap things up properly. …However if I had it my way the show would go on forever. BEST SHOW EVER. SAVE OTH!
    …Oh and GG is propably one of the stupidest shows I have ever seen. They only get viewers because of hype about threesomes and CRAP. I have watch alot of the episodes, just cause friends would have it on at their places, and it is just a poor, no talent, show.

  • Mike

    For those of you who are a little naive as to how the television industry works. There are many things other than ratings that factor into a show being successful and profitable. Sure, ratings are important, but the only way ratings will guarantee a show a renewal is if they are through the roof (House, NCIS, The Mentalist, etc.). But when a show is only higher than other lesser watched shows, especially just those on the same network, ratings factor not as much of a landslide in it’s worth. There are other things looked at such as budget, network politics, merchandise sales, international success, internet traffic, online streaming, critics, media attention, and the popularity of the stars in the show(Blake Lively just hosted SNL and was cast opposite Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern Movie, not to mention, various GG stars are asked to be guests on talk shows, not so much wth OTH). plus let’s not forget that the shows two most popular (I mean outside of the OTH audience) stars left last year and there is already more talk of other cast cuts due to budget issues. the budget is a big one, especially for a show that has been renewed past it’s original contracts with talent and writers. Gossip Girl ‘s and Life Unexpected’s actors are still within their original contracts.

  • Lucy

    If you look carefully, many of these OTH posts are written by the same person!!! Nice. I wonder what they think that will accomplish?

    If anyone that matters is actually reading this forum, here are three words: RENEW LIFE UNEXPECTED.

    It’s only getting better week after week, and it’s far better written and more engaging than any of the teen trash on the CW. It has heart and morals. It would be ironic, actually, if the CW kills the only show with heart that its had in ages…

  • Carrie

    How can you “look carefully” and tell it’s the same person… ?

    And what makes you think the LUX ones aren’t written by the same people too?
    For the record, I’ve only posted as myself on here, not like 12 people, because I know that OTH has enough fans that the same person doesn’t need to write like a trillion comments as different people.

    season 8, season 8, season 8.

  • rachel

    Bring on season 8 im so ready for it. One tree hill is an amazing show and the new characters just started out they should give us more time with them the show cannot end this way seriously. Cant wait until my birthday for the last 4 epiosdes

  • haley d

    I NEED A SEASON 8 IN ORDER TO KEEP LIVING. ive grwon up with it and dont want it to end. =[ gossip girl isnt even good anymore. OTH beats all in my house. no matter what! my dad even watches it! he loves brooke lol

  • Sarah

    PLEASE renew One tree hill! at least for a final 8th season! there’s a reason its still on compared to other teen/young adult shows that get canceled on the 3rd season! One tree hill has a huge and LOYAL fan base!

    another thing LUX should be given a chance for a second season! its a good show, it has potential.

    and gossip girl HONESTLY I do not understand how people are all over it, it was interesting at first but now its just boring and over dramatic not to mention unrealistic, people don’t relate to the characters. and ratings speak for themselves, one tree hill beat it all year. I mean CW spends so much effort to promote it and its still not living up to the hype.

    on a side note : The Vampire Diaries is the best CW show of the season. it should never end.

  • This is insane! I dont understand how One Tree Hill has not been renewed yet, when GG has been. OTH has a ton more views and a much more dedicated fan base. Not to mention that you can actually relate to the characters of One Tree Hill. This show has brought up so many important issues for teens and has shown them how to deal with things like death, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure. If anything please give us an 8th and final season, so that we are all able to say good bye. It just wouldn’t seem right if we didnt get that chance.

    I have grown up with this show for the last 7 years. These people and these characters have become some what a part of my family. As weird as that shows. I think I am safe to say this, but I feel that its the same way for all One Tree Hill fans. We have had these people in our lives and in our homes for so long, it just would not be the same with out them. There would be a HUGE void. Please oh please give us another season!!!!