Attention HUMAN TARGET Fans: Make Your Case For Why Fans Should Tune In!


On paper HUMAN TARGET has it all. A winning concept (Brave selfless hero played by Mark Valley makes himself a “human target’ in order to save the lives of those in danger), a likeable supporting cast (Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley) and action, lots of it. Unfortunately, for reasons we can’t quite put our finger on, this TV Addict — and if ratings are any indication, TV Addicts everywhere — have yet to jump on board. Which is why, on the eve of the show’s return to the airwaves, we thought we’d open up the floor to those who do find themselves hooked FOX’s full-throttle action drama and ask them to make their case: Why should we give HUMAN TARGET a chance tonight?

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/FOX

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  • Because things go “BOOM”!!

  • Ace

    Have you watched all of the episodes? I wasn’t that into the first few but the last 3 were really entertaining. The people he was protecting were more fun and I wasn’t just like a little James Bond movie. Deep it is not but it is light fun that doesn’t make me embarrassed to say I watch. 😛 Plus, Chi McBride is awesome.

  • Abby

    I’m fascinated by what Guerrero’s up to, what his motives are and how unpredictable he is. (not those actions pertaining to the cases but what he’s been up to in secret). Plus love Chi McBride and the action scenes are really exciting. I think if you’ve only seen a couple episodes, you should definitely give it another try.

  • because… the show is really clever… its fun, and there’s really not other action shows on tv right now…

  • AJ

    As people have said in other reviews, Human Target really does capture the feel of an action movie in an hour show.

    The episodes we’ve seen so far have been more or less standalone, so if you’ve missed a couple, (and don’t have access to Hulu,, or one of the dozen other sites streaming all the episodes) it’s easy to pick up again. However, an overarching plot involving the main character’s nebulous past has been developing over the last few episodes, and it seems that we’ll be finding out more details about just how he arrived in his current situation as the season goes on.

    As for individual characters, Mark Valley is great as Chance, the daring, charming, and always cool lead of the show. The rest of the group is made up of Winston, who provides a grounded (and a bit exasperated) counterpoint to both Chance and to their semi-regular cohort Guerrero, who specializes in information gathering by whatever means necessary.

    The latter two characters are played by Chi Mcbride (Pushing Daisies) and Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Little Children) respectively, and the chemistry between them is fantastic. Every scene they appear in is a delight, and makes for some of the most entertaining moments on the show.

    If you like modern action fare like James Bond, Burn Notice, Venture Bros., or any shows in the 80’s action genre (A-Team, McGuyver, Charlie’s Angels), then there’s a good chance you’ll get sucked in by Human Target. Give it a chance!

  • cam3150

    I watch a lot of shows….a lot. Easily over 20. Sad, yes, but made easier w/ a DVR that records 4 shows at once (thank you, AT&T U-verse). Anyway, there are very few shows out there that have the action level of this show. I’m a girl and I can really appreciate it. I was truly surprised at the quality of the action scenes when I watched the first episode. I’m often on the edge of my seat, wondering how Chase is going to “get out of this one”. He’s kind of like a modern day McGyver. The support cast is also really good and they all have a lot of chemistry, especially Chase and his “handler” played by Chi McBride. I really hope we get some background on Chase soon. His story is one that intrugues me.

    Mark Valley is charming and excellent at portraying the the “too cool for the room” vibe that is necessary for a role like this one. And, ladies, he’s really easy on the eyes too!

    Of all of the episodes that have aired, there’s really only been on semi-dud (the one in the convent) and even it still managed to be entertaining on most levels.

    This show really deserves a 2nd season and I truly hope it is renewed. Give it a shot!!

  • What they said, plus the last episode had Kevin Weisman! 🙂

  • Susan

    It’s the snappy dialogue and things that go boom. Plus it is not reality TV.

  • I don’t know about tonight’s episode, but next week has Autumn Reeser again! That’s enough for me.

  • dan

    The show is very funny, clever, and really a parody of what
    an ‘action show’ should be. Do not to look at episodes too carefully, its just a really a lot fun. Enjoy the ride, like 24, only waaay funnier…..and enjoy the bizarre yet wondrous stunts..!!!!!!

  • PollyQ

    3 words: Guerrero, Guerrero, Guerrero
    (alternative 3 words: Jackie. Earle. Haley)

  • Thanks for all the great comments guys. Since real life has been getting in the way of my TV watching this week, I probably won’t get to watching HUMAN TARGET until the weekend, but I did want to let everybody know I will be doing my best to attempt to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Emiel

    This TV show has more potential than any action series beside burn notice thats on tv the acting is great the special efeect are good the series gives many people the feeling that they are watching a good action movie everytime a episode airs including me this show really deserves at least 3 seasons and as always the airing time is much too late and everytime a fucked up reality show is on this show suffers.

  • panii

    Mark valley is cool !!

    and the action scenes are awesome !!!

  • Henry

    I REALLY like this show! Guererro is great, Chance is great, love the lines he has and his attitude (same with Guerrero) and Winston, although I find his character kind of annoying, provides a worthwhile element for the other 2 to bounce off. The female FBI love interest was wonderful to look at, and I was happy to see her return in the March 17 episode. But EVEN BETTER, was the extremely cute techie girl who first appeared in the episode with Kevin Weissman. I noticed the little hottie then and wished we would see more of her, but did not expect to. So it was an EXCELLENT surprise to see her re-appear as hopefully a regular, starting with the March 17 episode.

  • kunochan

    It's amazing how each episode of this show is like a one-hour action movie. I can't think of another action-oriented TV show to really accomplish this.

  • Barlyn1611

    Yah, this show must come back for a 2nd season! There is still so much more story to be told!!
    I think next weeks finale will answer question but will also create new ones. Chance is a great mix of Jason Bourne, Bond, Indiana Jones, And Han Solo!!!! There are too many Dr. Show, ER/Emergency show, Reality shows…..TV has been lacking a great action/hero show until now and it MUST MUST MUST stay around for a long time!!!

  • Barlyn1611

    SEASON FINALE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mind blowing!!! Excellent Fight scene!!!
    we NEED Season Two….

  • chrismesa

    Human target is one of my not to miss shows.It deserves to be renewed.I was a big time McGyver fan and really like the action and circumstances that the team has to get into and out of each episode.As far as the series being renewed there is no question in my mind.I love this show.