Good News, Bad News: Special Pilot Watch Edition

Good News: Mr. [Jimmy] Smitts is heading to Washington. Bad News: In an untitled NBC drama pilot where he’ll play a by-the-book Supreme Court Justice, not President Matt Santos in the WEST WING re-boot we’ve been desperately waiting for.

Good News: Mr. Rebecca Romijn O’Connell Jerry O’Connell has signed on to the CBS Jim Belushi pilot DEFENDERS. Bad News: For, and we can’t believe we’re saying this, Jim Belushi. Seriously, are these executives not aware of O’Connell’s recent track record? (See: CARPOOLERS, DO NOT DISTURB, REX IS NOT YOUR LAWYER)

Good News: THE OC’s Melinda Clarke is coming to the TV Addict’s hometown of Toronto (Canada) having signed on to the CW’s remake of LA FEMME NIKITA. Bad News: For Melinda Clarke… who should feel free to ignore the mysterious man in orange standing outside of her hotel room with an “OC4ever” sign!

Good News: Brittany Snow will play the assistant to Kathy Bates’ law firm boss in David E. Kelley’s NBC legal drama KINDRED. Bad News: For the small and vocal group of AMERICAN DREAMS fans who, no joke, close to a decade later continue to send emails asking us to help save their show!

Hat Tip to Fancast for the all the hard work!

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  • Josh Emerson

    I just became interested in a CW show! Melinda Clarke seems like she would be perfect on some sort of ass-kicking show. Any word on what her role is going to be?

    Also, I kind of find it funny that you had to add Canada in parentheses after Toronto. Do you think Americans are just that clueless? LOL

  • Josh Emerson,

    By no means to I mean to generalize the American educational system, but let’s just say that in my travels I’ve come across a shocking amount of American’s who know very little about their neighbors to the north (aka. America Jr.) That and you turned the kids from JERSEY SHORE into mega-stars!

  • Nick

    No matter what O’Connell does….he’s my hero for his killer Tom Cruise interview parody.

    Good news for Brittany: Gossip Girl’s Lily spinoff never got made.
    Bad news for Brittany: I’m more interested in seeing Kathy Bates in this new series than Brittany. Just don’t get the attraction.

  • Ace

    You left off Eastwick for Jerry. He had just signed on when it was cannned and was in the last episode.

  • Tennies

    I still want to see that extra 12min American Dreams real finale that NBC decided not to air

  • TVFan


    Still waiting for that American Dreams finale. Way to drop the ball NBC. Again.

  • kevin

    carpoolers was completely hillarious. i’m still angry that it got cancelled.