Good News, Bad News: Katherine Heigl, Elisha Cuthbert & Joseph Fienes

Good News: After a tumultuous six-year seasons, Katherine Heigl is reportedly this close to scrubbing out of GREY’S ANATOMY for good. Bad News: For her future career prospects. But don’t take our word for it, ask a pre-CSI: MIAMI David Caruso. [Source]

Good News: Elisha Cuthbert has signed on to an ABC comedy pilot. Bad News: Titled HAPPY ENDINGS. Seriously. Most inappropriate title EVER! [Source]

Good News: Joseph Fiennes and his wife, Swiss model Maria Dolores Dieguez, welcomed their first child, a daughter born on Monday. Bad News: We predict that Fiennes will soon have a lot of free time on his hands to play daddy as we flashforward to FLASHFORWARD’s cancelation. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    I disagree. I tend to think Katherine Heigl will be around for a while, doing mainly romantic comedies. I still like her.

  • luke

    Ugh all my favorite blogs hate Katherine Heigle and its getting old. She’s not Jay Leno. All she did was complain about a 17 hour work day and not submit her name for emmy consideration. That’s it!!! Ok rant is now officially over 🙂

  • WhyWait

    luke, she also bad talked Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow and her choice of making the movie “Knocked Up” because of how it depicted women only to next star in a movie in which she is taught by Gerald Butler that you have to have long blond hair and wear a push-up bra to attract men. Oh yeah and she wears a pair of vibrating underwear, to you know, help out the women’s movement.

  • Luke,
    As someone who has had the privilege of travelling to LA these past few years, seeing how these actors are treated (like GODS!) and the perks they enjoy from what amounts to playing make-believe, it really angers and disappoints me when they act like petulant babies. Heigl should count her blessings, and at the very least fake being grateful for the life she leads.

  • luke

    TVA, I agree but I don’t. I just don’t think the comment she made is that big of a deal. She was pointing out that it was annoying on a talk show but she still worked the 17 hours. It’s not like she refused to work that much. I just think the main reason people hate her is because her character on the show was so poorly written for the past 3 and a half seasons. I’m just glad I jumped off the Grey’s ship last year because I would’ve been ticked at how they ended her character.

  • Bgirl


    Not to pile on Heigl, but I work on a television show (not Greys), and her comments are what totally turned me off on her. First off, there’s no way she was in front of the cameras for 17 hours. She may have had to be there that long, but she didn’t work the whole time. Some of that time was probably spent in her trailer, where she can nap, have people run and get her lattes and snacks and whatever else she wants. And if she was there 17 hours, it means folks on the crew like the set p.a.s were probably there almost 24 hours straight. And yes, they got golden time, but overtime on $500 a week isn’t all that much. Heigl probably gets six figures an episode now. To me, it was disrespectful of all those folks who work on her show for her to whine like that.

    I, btw, don’t work on the stage crew of my show, I work for one of the writers and don’t work anywhere near as long or as hard as our crew does, so it’s not like I have a personal axe to grind here.