Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Spoilers From the Set of V


Having worked on both THE SHIELD and CHUCK, newly-installed V executive producer Scott Rosenbaum knows a thing or two about mixing suspense and action. Which is why, when ABC’s re-imagination of the sci-fi classic returns this March 30th after far too long a hiatus, fans should expect the unexpected. But don’t take our word for it, here are five bombshell’s executive producer Steve Pearlman dropped during yesterday’s set visit in beautiful, albeit somewhat rainy Vancouver, British Columbia.

They’re Coming.
And by ‘they’ of course mean special guest stars! Hoping to inject some new energy and a very different dynamic into the show, UK actor Charles Mesure will be joining the cast as Kyle Hobbes, an unlikely ally of the resistance. “He’s recruited by Erica, Ryan and Jack because they realize that if they’re going to take on this war against the V’s, their ragtag group needs some muscle,” explained Pearlman. “His addition as a mercenary really signals to the audience that this is the beginning of chapter two.”

While it’s no secret that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum Michael Trucco has already been cast as John May, the here-to-unforeseen leader of the V resistance known as the Fifth Column. What is news is the manner in which he’ll be introduced. According to Pearlman, May will first be seen courtesy of everybody’s favorite story-telling device, that of flashback form!

No More Ms. Nice V.
And just so you know how serious the stakes have become, Pearlman promised plenty of “OMG-worthy” moments throughout the second chapter of the season. “Without giving anything away I can say that a character of significance dies within the first eight episode that I think is going to be a surprise to everybody,” teased Pearlman. “Certainly the goal in every episode is to give the audience something, an ‘OH SH*T’ moment that they will be talking about the next day.”

Good News/Bad News.
Citing his stint on the failure that was CBS’ FUGITIVE reboot as an example of how shows based on iconic franchises are not going to succeed simply by duplicating the original — Pearlman promised that while some form of vermin may show up in an episode and there is definitely going to be a story-line involving procreation, fans waiting for an iconic moment akin to Diana eating the guinea pig from the original series shouldn’t hold their breath, because, “there will be something that will top that that I think will be kind of exciting.”

All Aboard.
Fans itching to spend more time within those gorgeous floating Apple stores V ships won’t have to wait long. Thanks to the recent Vancouver Olympics, which severely limited what could be shot on location, V’s second episode back was specifically designed to spend three to four days shooting indoors against the green screen versus the usual two. Translation, “In the second episode back we have a whole mission that involves several of our characters ending up on the ship.”

V returns on Tuesday March 30th following LOST at 10PM on ABC (CTV in Canada). Missed the first batch of episodes? ABC will air a clip show entitled V: THE ARRIVAL this Tuesday March 23 at 10PM.

Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

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