Get Ready for FRINGE: The Musical!


Just when you thought FRINGE couldn’t get any stranger, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum in a little underground Harvard Lab.

On our recent visit to the set of FRINGE, the cast — looking for something, heck, anything to share that didn’t involve spilling the beans on the super-secret two-part second season finale that is currently filming as we speak — let it slip that as part of Fox’s May Sweeps programming, which will have many of your favorite Fox shows tapping into their inner Gleek, the Fringe Division will be breaking out into song!

“This is a Sci-fi show and I kind of figured the roles would be set and that would be what you do,” teased Jasika Nicole (Astrid) who will perform a song from A Chorus Line as part of a story-line that involves Walter telling a bedtime story to Olivia’s niece. “But to be in period makeup and get to sing, I’ve ended up doing way more that I ever imagined I would.” Added actor Lance Reddick who seemed to relish the opportunity to let his guard down and put his musical background to good use. “We all sing and I play the piano,” revealed Reddick. “I can play the piano, but I’m not a pianist. They sent me the recording and I pretty much had to learn it by rote.”

“Overture” will air on April 29 at 9PM on FOX.

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  • phalesch

    please don’t jump the shark

  • Alli

    Awesome! I love scifi and I love musicals, sort of a “Little Shop of Horrors” Fringe style. I’ll be watching.

  • john marzan

    “Learn it by rote”.

  • John

    Wow cant wait to see Walter sing. He is great no matter what!

  • Grrr

    Thank you John Marzan. It’s “by rote.”

  • Jeff

    I’m pretty sure Mr. Reddick said “by rote” and it was mistranscribed as “by rope”….as “by rope” would make no sense, unless they threatened to hang him if he didn’t learn the piece.

  • I happen to love when shows do a musical episode, sometimes cheesy yes, but always entertaining and I don’t think this episode will disappoint! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Blue Sunflower

    Oh, please no. Just no.

  • Jenifer

    Oh, come on. The BTVS Musical episode was kickin’! I’m sure Fringe could do it just as well. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  • Mary

    Oh wow. I honestly can’t wait for this. I’m sure Fringe will be able to do a musical episode very, very well.
    I’m so excited!

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