Is FOX Overhyping GLEE?

glee_paleyThe William S. Paley Television Festival Celebrates GLEE

Today’s Variety — which on principal we will not be linking to since they insist on hiding their content behind a very expensive pay-wall — reports that FOX is in talks with musical-licensing company Music Theater International with a goal of possibly launching a stage adaptation of the most buzzed-about FOX show since MARRIED, WITH CHILDREN. 

This, of course, begs the question: Is GLEE on the brink of over-saturation? Our answer, which may surprise you, is after the jump.

Yes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… and here’s why.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this website, odds are fairly good that aside from being unusually attractive and extremely intelligent, you’re also somewhat addicted to television. So while you devour every morsel of GLEEformation that comes your way, follow the cast on twitter and can rattle off the number of days, hours, and minutes until the show’s April 13 return, you’re still hungry for more.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but it’s probably even more accurate to say that there’s no such thing as too much publicity.

Ask the producers of such gone-but-not-forgotten shows as EVERWOOD, ACTION, SWINGTOWN or THE COMEBACK if they wouldn’t have loved to have GLEE’s publicity problems. Ask the folks at the all-but-dead BETTER OFF TED if they wouldn’t kill for a headline-grabbing sex scandal to put their show on the cover of every tabloid in creation.

Unlike us, there is only one thing that makes the bean counters at FOX gleeful, and it’s not watching Kurt put a ring on it… It’s the almighty dollar.

So while some pundits will no-doubt fret that big-name guest stars will cause the kind of backlash WILL & GRACE eventually suffered, or that GLEE being named Best Show Ever by Every Person With The Ability To Type will take away from it’s cool cache, we’re going to worry less about the quantity of coverage of more about the quality of the product.

In Field Of Dreams, we learned that if you build it, they will come. GLEE has taught us that if you sing about it, they’ll not only show up, but bring a friend, write a blog and post a tribute on youtube. And that, folks, is the kind of publicity you can’t buy.

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  • It’s a decent show but, like Jeff Winger, I too do not get its appeal.

  • Irish Joe

    Glee probably has another great year ahead of it, but I think things will start going down for it before it reaches a 3rd season… They already seem to be bloating the already large cast (didnt they say something about 3 new regulars next season), plus all the guest stars that they have lined up… it’s all starting to sound a lot like Heroes when it was approacing it’s second series…

    So, in short, the Glee club should make as much money as possible now, as they probably only have about 12 months tops before the bubble starts to self implode…

  • Josh Emerson

    I enjoy Glee, but I don’t get why anyone thinks it’s the OMGGG BEST SHOW EVER. It pales in comparison to former timeslot competitor and freshman show Modern Family.

    Honestly, I might not even watch Glee if it weren’t for the brilliant Jane Lynch and the upcoming spots by NPH and Molly Shannon. The show is filled with walking stereotypes and overly outrageous storylines (the football players doing the Single Ladies dance in the middle of a game. Seriously?)

  • Fox may or may not be overhyping Glee, but the TV Addict definitely is.


  • tennies

    What other show does FOX have to hype besides American Idol, which I hear isn’t great this season. 24 might be gone because of cost. I like Glee, but I do think it has its faults.

  • Chels725

    Jane Lynch is the only good part of Glee. Community & Modern Family are a billion times better though. I miss Jane on Party Down though…

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  • Manju

    I agree that there might be too much Glee to go around, and it’s not like it’s pulling in the ratings of AI. I can see why ABC hypes up LOST, it’s the final season and they want everybody to return as a viewer who ever watched before. But for Glee, it’s more like pulling in new viewers. Which is good since it’s been on such a long break . But there’s another long break coming up that’s called summer and I think they should save some publicity for the second season. Regular viewers (you know, the ugly, dumb ones who apparantly find other stuff more important…it’s sad really) might be tired of the show before Season 2 ever comes up.

  • ethics

    To answer the question, it isn’t FOX only but you have been drooling–hell, sometimes I think you are masturbating to GLEE. Your write ups are like Looseleaf jean covered notebooks in the 80’s by 13 year old girls and the target was “I heart you Rob Lowe”.