Morning Static: CHUCK, GLEE, AMERICAN IDOL & More!

• Spoiler Alert! Jeffster!!!
• Because everybody loves FREE TV, the first episode FX’s JUSTIFIED is now available as a free download on iTunes.
• iWish i was iCarly, who just signed a new mid-seven-figure deal for 26 new episodes of the hit Nickelodeon series.
• High School Musical Cheerleader, Ashley Tisdale joins the CW’s HELLCAT.
• Meet one of Oprah’s favorite things: The cast of GLEE, who will drop by the show on April 7th.
• Not smarter than a fifth grader: Ryan Seacrest, who revealed to his 3 million-plus twitter followers that Lacey Brown was eliminated before AMERICAN IDOL aired on the west coast!

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  • Nick

    See, there’s yet ANOTHER way to learn who was eliminated without having to watch that wretched product-placement filled infomercial for Ford and Coke. Just let Ryan txt you, cuz dat’s the “cool” way 2 get newz, kidz, and he’ll do it B4 the show even airs!

    Wouldn’t it B nice if FOX fired his butt for this boo-boo, just like the Idol producers fired that graphics editor who typed a wrong # a few years back?