Question: I’m super excited for tonight’s return of CASTLE thanks in no small part to a guest appearance by woefully underused ‘Housewife’ Dana Delany. Have you seen the episode, and if so, how is she? — Jessica
The TV Addict: While I could tell you an awful lot about Delany’s role playing an FBI investigator who arrives on the scene hot on the trail of a serial killer in part one of tonight’s CASTLE two-parter, we have a feeling that you’d get a little more out of talking to the actress herself, who I had a chance to chat with earlier today. “My character Jordan Shaw is there as the ghost of Christmas future for Beckett,” said Delaney. “She’s living proof that you can have a family, a child and be kick-ass in your job, so Beckett shouldn’t shy away from having romance in her life.”

Question: Castle, Beckett, please tell me an aspect of tonight’s massively hyped two-parter involves romantic sparks flying every which way! — Megan
The TV Addict: Today my friend is your lucky day, for aside from guaranteeing you that Castle and Beckett spend the night together, the episode ends with some serious sparks. Although, now that I think of it, said sparks may not exactly be of the romantic variety. Stay tuned.

Question: LOVED last week’s UGLY BETTY. For the love of Gucci, please tell me we haven’t seen the last of Justin and his maybe boyfriend Austin. — Mikey
The TV Addict: As evidence by this pic we snagged of Austin (Ryan McGinnis) from the upcoming (Spoiler Alert!) wedding of Hilda and Bobby, I would hazard to guess that we haven’t.


Question: Since I’m guilty of stalking you from afar via Twitter, I understand that you were on the set of FRINGE last week. Spoilers now! — Dave
The TV Addict: Good News: My two-day visit to the set of FRINGE last week perfectly coincided with the arrival of a very special guest star and the construction of some very interesting new set pieces. Bad News: None of which I can share with you having signed my first born and 52″ flat screen TV away to FOX should I divulge any of the particulars. That said, I can assure you that when FRINGE returns on April 1st, fans will not be disappointed. Not only does the flashback heavy episode entitled “Peter” answer some big mythological questions, it brilliantly sets the stage for an epic latter half of the season.

Question: Got any scoop on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES? — Montana
The TV Addict: Actually, yes. You know that recently-unlocked vault in which Katherine and the other blood suckers had been locked for years? Expect a very bad vamp named Frederick to be among those returning to Mystic Falls. He’ll be played by soap vet Stephen Martines (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and rumor has it his new character will be very, very nasty. In fact, he might just throw a scare into demonic Damon!

Question: Is it true that the guy who plays THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Adam used to be on VERONICA MARS? Can you tell me who he played? — Taylor
The TV Addict: Yup! Michael Muhney played corrupt Sheriff Lamb on MARS is now playing a character who makes that guy look like the nicest fellow in the world. As Y&R’s Adam, Muhney’s new alter ego caused Ashley to fall down the stairs and lose her baby. When she blacked the whole thing out and suffered a hysterical pregnancy, he then stole Sharon’s baby and let Ashly thing it was her own. To top the whole thing off, he then married Sharon! Now that his scheme is being exposed, expect to see Adam’s life take a few very nasty turns in the coming weeks!

Will Booth and Brennan fans be pleased with the upcoming 100th episode? — Stacey
The TV Addict: In a word, yes. In 9 very cryptic and highly ambiguous words that leave a lot to interpretation for fear of ruining all the fun of BONES’ fantastic 100th episode: Things between Booth and Brennan get very physical. Literally.

Love V, hate Tyler. He’s my generation’s Wesley Crusher. Please tell me Tyler won’t continue to annoy the bejesus out of me when the show returns next week? — Dixon
The TV Addict: Having not seen any of the new episodes, I in fact, cannot assure that Tyler won’t continue to annoy the bejesus out of you. What I can reveal, having spent some quality one-on-one time time with his portrayer Logan Huffman while on the set of V last week, is that your perception of Tyler may soon change. “I too thought Tyler was a whiney little b*tch,” explained Huffman on his initial reaction to his small screen alter-ego. “In fact, my main goal was for the audience to not like Tyler, because at one point in the not-to-distant-future, the audience will see why he acts the way he does and what happened that was so traumatizing that he would be drawn to seek this new and beautiful glory with the V.”

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  • Nick

    Funny that someone would ask about Justin’s guy on Ugly Betty. He’s the kid I asked about a couple weeks ago, and I’m shocked at the scarcity of his roles on imdb. Ryan clearly has “the look.”

  • sanen85

    Completely forgotten that Delaney and Fillion were married on Desperate Housewives.

  • Marie_09

    I loved the past few weeks of Ugly Betty!! Ryan McGinnis (Austin) is so hot yet totally pulls off acting gay, LOVE IT!!