Must Read TV: NBC, Aziz Ansari, Christian Slater & More!

• NBC hates charity! Rejects Conan’s invite to IDOL GIVES BACK.
• On No She Didn’t… Jennifer Love Hewitt pulls a FELICITY.
• DAMAGES alum lands on his feet, as Tate Donovan signs on to ABC’s superhero family drama.
• Third time’s the charm? Christian Slater to star in a pilot for FOX.
• Change we can believe in: Aziz Ansari to host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

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  • John

    JLH didn’t pull a Felicity. JLH’s defining physical attribute isn’t the size of her hair.

  • Touché!

  • Linda B.

    Plus, Keri Russell got more of a pixie cut. JLH just chopped off a few inches. No big deal.

  • So I guess The Forgotten is definitely RIP? I don’t think it will be missed much! 😉

  • Ace

    I may be partial b/c I pretty much just got my hair cut the same way last weekend, but I think JLH looks good. NO where near the disaster of Felicity.