Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions with CHUCK Star Vik Sahay

vik_sahaySource: Michael Ausiello

Look we get it, when a lead character and series’ name are one in the same, it isn’t exactly a spoiler alert to say that CHUCK revolves around the trials and tribulations of well, Chuck. Of course, one of the major drawing factors that keeps us coming back to the series on a weekly basis isn’t so much for one Mr. Bartowski, but rather the creative cast of oddball co-workers that surround him. Which is why, rather than make a beeline towards the gaggle of reporters surrounding Zachary Levi at a recent NBC TCA event, we decided to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite unsung heroes: Lester, played by fellow Canadian and funny man Vik Sahay. Who was kind enough to take some time to indulge us with a few slightly less than serious Lester related questions.

Are you as tired about talking about Chuck and his ‘journey’ as we are?
Vik Sahay: So bored of it!

Honest, Chuck this, Chuck that, yadda, yadda, yadda. What’s in store for Lester this season?
If I had to sum up Lester this season I would say… grappling with his manhood.

[Awkward Pause]
Not… not literally.

[Nervous Laughter]
Lester is dealing with himself as a man, his male friendships, who he is, and the boundaries that he wants to create with the people around him. What I love about the show is that as the central character [Editor’s note: He who shall not be named!] grows up and starts to come into his own, to certain small degrees — as much as Lester can — all the characters start to feel that kind of personal growth so to speak.

More? Less? What can you tell us about the amount of screen time for Lester this season?
You’re going to get more Lester… when you see Lester.

So quality over quantity?

Co-creator Josh Schwartz just recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, are you on twitter?
I’m not and I feel like a fool at this state.

Is there a way in which fans peer pressure you into joining twitter? You know everybody’s doing it, right?
I’m not a bandwagon jumper but I feel like this is a wagon I should band with. I’ve never been on a show where the fan support has been what it is, so anything I can do to give back to the fans will do.

[Note: The following question was asked prior to the above leaked photo, thank you very much Michael Ausiello!]

Last season, Jeff and Lester had an iconic moment that may go down in history as one of the fan’s favorites. What do Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have up their sleeves this season?
That’s not for me to say.

Really?! I’m just sayin’ the scoop would really help me out!
Let’s just say that coming up, there are to a certain degree, very searing Jeff and Lester moments that I hope will make some kind of impact. And not just for the sake of my job.

CHUCK airs on Monday nights at 8PM on NBC (10PM on CityTV in Canada)

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