ProVile: Laura Vandervoort promises that everything Lisa knows will change when V returns


On March 30, it has arrived. Finally… a reason to record the show that follows LOST for reasons other than ensuring our DVR/PVR doesn’t cut off the pivotal final few minutes! Yes, V is back. And in anticipation of its much-anticipated return, we had the privilege of dropping by the Vancouver set last week for one-on-one interviews with much of the cast. First up, is everybody’s favorite Super Girl, Laura Vandervoort. Who was kind enough to take some time to talk about her character’s burgeoning relationship with Tyler, her reaction upon discovering who her ‘mother’ was and what omg-worthy moments are in store for Lisa when Chapter Two of the V saga kicks off next Tuesday.

When we last left V, audiences were surprised to discover that Anna was your mom.
Laura Vandervoort: So was I.

You didn’t know heading into the series that Anna was your Mom?
No I didn’t! I literally got the script and I turned the page and read, “Thank you Mom.” I thought it must be a typo. It was a shock and I’m so excited about it because that was my character’s first big bombshell and it’s created quite an interesting storyline for me.

Can you talk a little bit about what’s in store for your character when V returns?
You’re going to see a lot more of Lisa which I’m excited about because we find out she’s next in line for Queen. She’s kind of the chosen one from Anna’s children, and with that will come a lot of responsibility. Lisa doesn’t necessarily get to think for herself and many people are watching her to make sure she is ready for the job. But I think that over the next couple of episodes the audience will get to know lisa, get to know her heart and realize that not only can she think for herself, perhaps she’s somewhat conflicted which might lead her to try and find her own path all the while staying true to her people.

What makes Lisa the chosen one?
She fits the bill and has the quality needed to be Queen. What exactly that means you’ll have to wait and see.

Is there any jealous amongst the V over Lisa being the chosen one?
You would think that her siblings would be jealous, but they aren’t. The V don’t have emotions like that. They’re like an ant colony in the sense that one ant wouldn’t kill another to be queen… or maybe they would… maybe I should watch my back?!

One might be a little nervous if they were Lisa!
I’ll know something is up if the writer’s give me an evil twin brother! I suppose it’s possible, but the way it has been explained to me is that the V don’t have emotions like humans, so I don’t imagine there would be any jealousy.

If the V don’t have any emotions, what would lead a V like say Ryan (Morris Chestnut) to splinter off and join the resistance?
Morris’ character has been on earth long enough to develop empathy and emotions for the humans. It’s like our skin. Our human skin isn’t just a layer on top, it’s actually connected with tissue and cells. So if you puncture our human skin we will feel it, it’s attached to us like a nail on your finger and you pull it it hurts. Eventually if you’re wearing your human skin long enough, or if you’re on earth long enough, it starts to take over.

So if Lisa doesn’t have emotion, are her feelings for Tyler completely fabricated?
I think that at the beginning, Tyler was nothing more than a task. Lisa’s a good actor and knows how to flirt. The V’s are well versed in the human language, know how to walk and talk like humans and cry on cue if it’s necessary to get the job done. So I think Lisa’s good at manipulating and acting like she feels for Tyler at this point. But that could change.

With the second chapter of the season being billed as Anna (Morena Baccarin) versus Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), might it be safe to assume that Lisa’s relationship with Erica could mirror that of Tyler’s to Anna?
Ummm… let’s put it this way, that would certainly be an interesting place to take the character. Lisa’s mother is cold and unmotherly, whereas Erica is warm, kind of like that cool soccer mom. If Lisa sees that, it’s possible she’ll envy that.

Assuming your imdb profile is accurate, you have a second degree black belt. Is there any chance you’ll get the opportunity to put your karate skills to use in the latter half of the season?
As the show picks up and the story-lines become more heated, fans can definitely expect more action. But while I would love to fight, as the daughter of Anna I have people to do my dirty work. Lisa gets more involved in that other kind of action!

In an interview with the LA Times, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum promised that when the s how returns, “there will be three or four huge, oh-my-God, wow… I-didn’t-see-that-coming [moments]” Is Lisa involved in any of those four moments?
They don’t tell me much ahead of time, I only know a few little things that are going to happen in episode 109 because Steve Pearlmen, our other executive producer, was so excited that he had to tell me about it. Yes, fans should expect a big bombshell for Lisa and everything that she knows will change.

V returns on Tuesday March 30 at 10PM on ABC (CTV in Canada), You can also get caught up on the first four episodes courtesy of a special clip show entitled V: THE ARRIVAL which airs tonight on ABC following LOST.

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