Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday March 23, 2010


Miley Cyrus mentoring this week’s Top 11 singers can only mean one thing. Justin Bieber totally turned them down.

LOST (9PM ABC, 7PM CTV in Canada)
On tonight’s episode, the spotlight is finally shown on the mysterious Richard Alpert who has a very difficult decision to make. Eyeliner or no eyeliner? (Note: LOST runs an hour and six minutes tonight, set your DVR/PVR accordingly).

PARENTHOOD (10PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
Adam and Kristina want to know who’s Haddie’s dating, while Sarah prepares herself for “the talk” with Drew. Either things are going about to get “really” awkward in the Braverman household, or we’re completely misinterpreting the episode log line!

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  • Abby

    Looking forward to V and Justified 🙂

  • Ace

    Sooo ready for the Richard episode!!!

  • Eric

    Ugh, I won’t be able to watch Lost tonight because I have so much work. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait til tomorrow.

  • Eric,
    I just watched the episode. Seriously epic and definitely worth throwing away your future for. Trust me.