Another LOST Spin-off We’d Like to See


From the website that gave you ACCORDING TO JIN and JACK & DAVID comes — inspired by last night’s phenomenal episode — our latest in a series of hair-brained LOST spin-offs that we know will never happen but would definitely get us to tune into CBS on a Friday night. Hurley is… the Ghost Whisperer!

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  • I DIIIIIIE for your faux-ads. Thank you!

  • TVFan

    LOVE IT!

  • Great picture quality too..

  • Ass

    Thats stupid thats an insult to the show. You people shouldn’t make fun of a great show. You’re all being a bunch of asses to make fun of that amazing show.

  • A fan

    Don’t make fun of such a great show. The Ghost Whisperer is an amazing show and no one has the authority to make fun of it.