For a show that prides itself on planning ahead (See: The Wedding Bride), there was something oddly anti-climactic about the lack of clues one (okay, we) could decipher the fab five’s flash forward (pictured above) during the final scene of Monday’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Assuming of course Lily’s giant flower dress wasn’t simply a ploy to distract us from an impending baby bump, and it was mere coincidence that Ted didn’t bring a skank…. err, we mean potential “mother” to Lori’s Lily’s 42nd 32nd birthday party, did we missing something? Or did creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas finally learn a lesson from “the goat” and intentionally avoid painting writing themselves into a corner this time?

News Showtime probably doesn’t want to hear. Our increased enjoyment of Monday’s second season premiere of the UNITED STATES OF TARA was predicated on the fact that for the most part, the episode completelyy lacked Tara’s other states. Is it wrong? Are we crazy? Or is there something to be said for the satisfaction one gets from a straight up family dramedy from the always entertaining mind of Diablo (Yup, we’re still laughing at the term ‘Gayble’) Cody? 

Aside from the fun we had thinking back to our own addiction to The Sims (Ahhh…. Memories of Malenopolis), there was very little to laugh about during Monday night’s instalment of THE BIG BANG THEORY. Seriously. Consider our flag firmly planted with the woefully underused Wolowitz, who so accurately pointed out that Sheldon’s life is a non-stop performance. Thus, to craft a plot entirely around his fear of public speaking was completely out of character. If anything, Sheldon would relish the opportunity to get up in front of a group of his peers to accept an award that reinforces his superiority and intelligence. Well, at least that’s our theory and we’re sticking to it.

Now don’t get us wrong, after three plus seasons spent scratching our head over the deal with Richard Alpert, last night’s for-your-Emmy-consideration-how-to by actor Nester Carbonell didn’t disappoint. With the exception of one tiny little thing, which at the risk of incurring the wrath of JOpinionated we’re just gonna go ahead and say: There is something slightly off-putting with regards to the realization that the characters we’ve invested five years of our lives in may be nothing more that human chess pieces so that Jacob may prove a point. We’re just sayin’

After another night of incredibly painful AMERICAN IDOL performances, can we all just agree that this season was a disaster of epic proportions, name Crystal Bowersox (aka. the only performer who had an iota of talent) the winner, and call it day. Please?

  • I completely agree re: Big Bang Theory. Incredibly disappointing episode (as you can see from my review here). You make fantastic points, and I completely agree that it was out of character. It also just seemed to fall into the sitcom trap–it hit every sitcom cliche in the book.

  • Nick

    RE: Your Lost realization. Look at the scope of the show, and it’s apparent there’s more to it than Jacob’s pawns. Just a for-instance: Why did Richard tell young Ben to be patient, and then one day equip him to commit genocide on the Dharmas? Did that order come from Jacob? Where did young Widmore & Eloise, etc. come from? What does the Army know about the island (the bomb)? Oh crap, here come the questions….

    Man, I hope we get satisfying answers in the next two months.

  • TVFan

    In complete agreement about The Big Bang Theory, which was brutal. As for HIMYM, I for one am curious if there anything behind Ted’s huge smile. Why is he so happy? And as for Idol… two hours of my life I will never get back. The judges should be embarrassed, they after-all are the ones who picked the Top 24. Huge Fail.

  • Andrew

    It was Lori, not Laura

  • Andrew,
    I figured I had a 50/50 shot of getting it right without checking my facts. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Brice

    I am totally fine and hope the answer is indeed that they are all pawns, and the point of the show is going to be to see how our heroes either deal with it (or don’t). Why do I hope it is? Because it honestly can’t be any other way right now. Sure they can fluff it over and have our characters not be annoyed by their lives being controlled, but if the show has any honesty they will deal with this concept head on. I mean the pieces are here. We’ve got Reason vs Faith. Science vs God and of course Free Will vs. Destiny (Determinism).

  • what is that episode with laura prepon on it?