Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things DAYS OF OUR LIVES Is Doing Right

Generally speaking, there’s more bad news than good being reported about the state of daytime’s soap scene, so a lot of fans were thrilled when last week, NBC announced that DAYS OF OUR LIVES had been renewed for another year. But given last year’s axing of GUIDING LIGHT and the fact that AS THE WORLD TURNS will end it’s 50-plus-year run this September, what is it, exactly, that DAYS is doing right?

Cutting Cast
When the show fired longtime stars Drake Hogestyn (John) and Diedre Hall (Marlena), critics and fans alike predicted the show would go down in flames. Like it rose like the proverbial Phoenix (or should we say Stefano?) with tighter storylines, better scripts and improved ratings.

Letting Everyone Play
While some soaps (and primetime dramas) seem to think characters over the age of 40 aren’t of any interest to viewers, DAYS has been putting its veterans — including Victor (played by John Aniston… and yes, he’s the father of that other Aniston), Maggie and everybody’s favorite lunatic, Vivian.

Shaking Things Up
DAYS practically invented the idea of “supercouples”, including the uber-popular pairing of Bo and Hope. But the show took a huge risk in breaking the pair up and having them drawn to others (Carly for him, Justin for her). It’s a ploy that has paid off in spades. While Bo and Hope are still the rooting interest, the spin-off pairings are pretty darn likeable too.

Recognizing Keepers
Many soaps try and lure fans back with big, splashy — but short-term — cameos by actors whose alter egos were megapopular. DAYS, on the other hand, has brought back some former fan favorites as Justin, Vivian and — perhaps most successfully of all — Carly not for short visits (ala Kelly Ripa’s recent ALL MY CHILDREN return) but in long-term storylines.

Raising The Show’s Visibility
When’s the last time you saw an ad for one of ABC or CBS’s daytime dramas during primetime? Well, NBC regularly runs DAYS ads at night. Plus, in a downright brilliant example of synergy, Alison Sweeney — who has played bitch-turned-heroine Sami since 1992 — is the host of the network’s reality hit THE BIGGEST LOSER. Yeah, any way you slice it, NBC’s DAYS is a definite winner.

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  • Chels725

    Days has everything pretty much nailed on the show with one exception and that is its teen storylines and teen actors. They need to recast Mia, Chad, and Gabby cause they just can’t act. Besides that the show is just great.

  • jess


  • Remy


    Sorry. I used to watch the show as a kid with my mom over summer breaks. I remember when Hope had two identities and was being brainwashed, etc.

    I think my childhood was just ruined.

    (I’ll get over it in like 5 minutes.)

  • DaysHata

    The show has gone to shit! I quit watching it. I was so disappointed to know they were going to continue this crap for another season. What’s wrong with you, NBC? Like I said, this show has turned into shit.

  • Mallorie Lloyd

    Mmm…well while everyone[or a big#] of ppl think adding carly to the equation is a big mistalke she may be the key to keeping days on the air.These soaps are droping like flies on a stick and if days doesn’t light some fire under it it might not be there much longer. Now days has done really well for many years w/o these spontaneous recast of characters but I like it. And I know ppl are going to be way upset once peter[bo] leaves the show due to his ‘over’ airtime on days (basically he’s been paid too much and he will be leaving for a while)

  • Barbara

    I started watching this show as a little girl with my grandmother and am now in my 50’s. I totally agree with DaysHata – this show has taken a wrong turn. Carly with Bo – are you kidding me. She is painful to watch. They could have reduced Marlena and John’s role instead of getting rid of them – where’s the loyalty to the fans. As far as not watching – could never do that – but I will tell you I record it and can watch the entire hour in about 10 minutes.

  • tstevens9801

    I have been watching since the late 70’s and still love the show. I was so happy to learn of the signing. I do agree that the teen story lines could be stronger. They were for a while and now they are on holiday. They need to bring some life to them. I get so frustrated when Sami and Rafe split, get together and stay there already, EJ will get over it…eventually! I’m a true SAFE fan!
    Congrats Days!

  • kristina madison

    I have been watching days for over 20 yrs. I still love it, and even when I don’t like the story line I still watch because I am a true days fan!!!!

  • Michelle

    Been a fan since I was a child, on that note…IMO, Bo and Hope are like John and Marlena as in this IS THE couple of the show now. Bo is l posessed by an alien right now and it makes no sense. He spent 5 minutes of mourning his marriage before he moved on to Ms Needy. He didn’t fight hard, where was the sweeping Hope into his arms calling her Fancy Face and insisting they are destiny. Carly is a prop because what else can they do with a happily married couple, but they should at least have Bo act like himself. I welcome his hiatus, Carly and Bo make me sick in Hopes bed. The teen scene……boring. What the heck happened to Mia? She is not the girl of a year ago, another alien posession I suppose. I like Gaby and Will, thats about it.
    Ejami makes no sense to me, he is a rapist who made Sami think her daughter was kidnapped and then dead. NO WAY! I pretty much just watch now for SAFE, Viv and Victor, Kate and Stefano, Brady and Ari, Anna, Maggie and Melanie. The revitalization of Maggie is awesome! Those stories make having to sit through the other junk worth it.

  • Carr2010

    DAYS has been smart. Bo and Carly are reviving DAYS. I do not agree that Bo and Hope are the rooting interest. Bo and Carly are hot and CC has brought back the Bo so many fans loved. FINALLY gone is the henpecked, beaten down, Bo whom Hope does not even love. She just loves telling him what a bad man he is.
    DAYS overdid supercouples. What was worse it was not about the couples. By pandering to women who only cared about the female victims of the supercouple, the show became of joke. Hope, Marlena, Kayla…all they were were constant victims needing to be rescued. The men had no stories and no personalities.
    NOW, Bo and Carly are fun…two equals. Two sensual people.
    If DAYS is smart they will never put Bo and Hope back together.

  • Linda T

    Put Bo and Hope back together.. This thing with Carly is sickning. He’s gonna kill for her.. come on that’s not right. He belongs with Hope Now and Forever!!!!! I seen other couple I like being split up like Sami and Lucas but Not Bo and Hope They are Days # 1 couple.

  • Michelle

    The Bo of late is due to alot of bad writing. The same with Hope, The real B&H treated each other as equals, with a ton of mutual respect. When Bo and Hope are at their best, no other can touch them. Character assassination is not a good story. But like I said, there is not much you can do with a happy couple except cause angst. Bo and Hope are always the end game.

  • CK_One

    “DAYS, on the other hand, has brought back some former fan favorites as Justin, Vivian and — perhaps most successfully of all — Carly”

    Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, Carly is the absolute ONLY reason I’m watching Days and the absolute BEST part about her being back is that she’s with Bo again. Bo & Carly are my favorite Days couple, hands down. They were my favorite their first time around and they’re my favorite now. Bo & Hope were getting stale. Bo & Carly bring in new viewers. And considering that Days has gone up to the #3 soap and stayed there (and was even at #2 for one week) ever since Carly’s first week back, I don’t understand how anyone can think having her back is a mistake for the show.

    I agree that what IS a mistake for the show is so many teens. Boring. But since they’re going with the teens and adding more anyway, I hope they SORAS Ciara soon while they’re at it.

  • Melissa

    Bo and Carly are the rooting couple. They have made watching DAYS exciting again. In the 1990’s, Bo and Carly were the reigning supercouple and they are reclaiming their position. Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell have dynamite chemistry. I am tickled pink over their scenes, especially lately. The rebel Bo Brady is back, sexy and confident. Bo is commanding the screen again and that is all due to his re-pairing with Carly. These two have always brought out the best in each other. Bo and Hope need to divorce. Whatever they had is long gone, and they never had “it” like Bo and Carly do!

  • DNB

    I am loving Bo and Carly, BOPE and the endgame crap needs to end. They were reduced to setting at a pub sipping coffee and talking about cases and Bo in a suit! NEVER would have happened if they were true to Bo Brady character. I think this is perfect opportunity to give BOTH characters and BOTH actors a new and refreshing challenge to move them on to something else. They were put in a box because thats how the fans wanted them and until now the show was never brave enough to do anything about it. I think the draw to Bo and Carly was more than they anticipated because of the Billie crap we dealt with. So I hope they step up and recognize I want PETER front and center leading man material, should not be relegated to what he was. Other soaps do it, and DAYS needs to follow lead, men Peters age have sex onscreen, show their bodies are sensual with their partners and Peter was reduced to NOTHING for 5 years NOT one love scene and that is absurd! I say keep it coming, if it keeps PETER front and center SPLIT THEM UP!!!

  • Cris

    # 4. Recognizing Keepers
    I started watching Days when Crystal Chappell came back as Carly. And I’m so glad I did. I’m loving the spats between Carly & Viv. Both women are great actors! And Victor has some of the best lines ever…

  • Gabriel

    Philip Kiriakis is the best character in the show, but I have no problem with the old people. Victor and Caroline are pretty cool.

  • Lisa

    Bo and Hope will prevail. They are the best thing about Days!!!

  • Storm

    While I used to be a Bope fan those Days are long over and so is this couple. Please move on from the supercouple mentality. All it does is suffocate the stories. Why do we care what happens if it only means the couple is going to always get back together after a few months? BORING. Days has a gold mine in Bo and Carly. I’m starting to see the Bo I’ve always known and loved and that’s a vast improvement. I only watch for this couple. Loved them in the 90’s and I’m loving them even more now. Bo and Hope don’t hold my attention and they haven’t seen the early 90’s. Bo needs a woman that treats him like a man and that’s not Hope. Days didn’t adhere to the pressure of keeping all those other supercouples and survived them leaving so I hope they continue to go this route and not succumb to the Bope fanbase and force a Bo and Hope reunion. There are so many stories to be told with Bo and Hope being separate and with different partners. Bo with Carly and Hope with Justin. People thought Marlena and Roman were endgame but the fans knew differently. Marlena was better with John and Bo is better with Carly. Bo and Hope have had their run now for many years please just let it end permanently.

  • Laura

    Days really is doing somethings right. Although the Teens of the show couldn’t have been more boring. The Vets definitely are what’s making the show interesting. I agree about Carly, I didn’t see her first run on the show but I am loving every minute Carly is on my screen. The Bo I am now seeing sure is way more interesting and watchable than the one I saw since 2006. Not to forget yummy.

    I used to tune in for EJ only but now it’s Carly&Bo, Vivian/Victor that has me hooked on the screen everyday.

  • Sydney_28

    I stopped watching soaps all together back in 2000 and the only reason I started tuning in to DOOL (a soap that I started to hate in the 90s) was to see the return of Carly. I think the show is on the right track with a lot of the decisions that have been made. Hiring and showcasing actors that are experienced and talented is huge. Even when I was a kid I didn’t want to see teenagers on my screen. Give me good acting any day. And kudos to them for breaking away from supernatural storylines and “end games”. It is a shame when tired supercouples are placed on the backburner because writers are too scared and handcuffed by the audience to shake things up. The only time “end game” should be brought up is when an end is in site. Thankfully, we are not at that point. My wish list for this next year to get another renewel? Longer scenes, more cast balance, and better character development.

  • Kimi

    Bo and Carly were my all time favorite DOOL Supercouple in the good old Days! Back when the show actually focused on the characters and the love stories and took the time to build the stories…I stopped watching the show when Crystal Chappell left and pretty much walked away from soaps all together. Then I discovered YouTube and I was able to go back and enjoy Bo and Carly all over again! I did find Crystal on Guiding LIght eventually, along with some good writing, and I fell for that show–still can’t believe they cancelled it. Anyway–when I learned that Crystal was coming back to DOOL as my beloved Carly I hit the roof!

    DOOL is still doing a lot of things wrong…the writing just isn’t there- BUT they have done one thing right–BO AND CARLY!!! They are good story! They are exciting! They are angst and passion! That is why we watch soaps!

  • MJ

    Well Days HH ratings are either the same or worse than they were 12 months ago, so Days really hasn’t shaken things up that much at all. While it’s great to see the vets in front-burner stories, the writing has been lazy, uncreative, inconsistent and plot-driven. Characters have been trashed for the sake of poor stories, there is little or no character development and couples are thrown together and split up at the drop of a hat. It is a shell of the show it once was. The last straw has been the unbelievable and poorly-written break-up of Bo and Hope, the show’s signature couple. Very sad indeed.

  • If they think that 2010 has some great episodes they obviously weren’t watching in the 90’s.
    I taped the show for 20 years – I don’t tape it any more but keep up to date with the storylines. God only knows why since I think it’s gone to hell in a hand basket.

    Sex, sex and more sex. There’s no storyline just everyone wants to jump into bed with each other.