Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“He got beat by a cripple and a fat dude on the obstacle course. It’s like finding out Superman was in a big girdle. You see them muscles and you get up close, and it’s nothin’ but a fat suit!” — James trash-talks Colby during tribal council on SURVIVOR.

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  • Kyle

    James is an F-ing idiot! so glad that ignorant moron is gone!

  • Linda B.

    The sarcastic way James said “JT, would you like a banana?” had me cracking up!

    BTW – TVa, since when do you watch Survivor?

  • Linda B,

    a) I don’t, but CouchTater loved the quote.
    b) I sort of wish I did this season, from what I hear/see/read on twitter this season sounds fantastic.