An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Marriage-Go-Round!

When it comes to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, fans know one thing: They want Nick and Phyllis’ marriage to overcome every obstacle. Unless, of course, said fan is a fan of the formerly-wed Nick and Sharon. This week, the battle for the man in the middle heats up, and it just might turn out that a gorgeous little baby dictates which woman her dad winds up with!

“Sharon thought her baby was dead,” explains Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “Right after she gave birth, Nick’s brother, Adam, swiped the baby and gave it to another woman. Now, the truth has finally come out, but that’s only complicated things for everybody. Nick definitely loves his wife, Phyllis. But he has a history with Sharon. And now, there’s the added draw of this newborn baby that they both thought had died.”

And yes, that baby — Faith — was conceived when Nick cheated on current his wife with his ex-wife. “But hey,” jokes Simms, “that’s only fair. After all, Phyllis was the other woman when Nick and Sharon were married!”

To say that none of the players in this scenario are qualified for sainthood would be something of an understatement, according to the editor. “Sharon cheated on Nick, Nick cheated on Phyllis, Phyllis cheated on Nick… there’s plenty of blame to go around.” But this week, things get interesting when Sharon’s parenting techniques create a situation that guarantees Nick will be spending more time with his former wife and their new child. “And if you’re doing the math, that means less time for Phyllis,” says Simms. “It’s worth noting that in the past, Phyllis hasn’t been above fighting dirty to get or keep her man. Sharon, whether purposefully or not, tends to play the distressed-damsel-in-need-of-rescue card. So it’s safe to say that Nick is going to be torn in both directions in the weeks to come!”

The new issue also features a tribute to Y&R’s Victor Newman in which the magazine lists 30 things they love about everyone’s favorite mumbling millionaire. (Our personal favorite? #29, which reads: He kept right on impregnating the women of Genoa City even after being harpooned in the groin and having vasectomy after vasectomy.). There’s also a joint interview with Sharon Case and Michael Muhney, better known to Y&R viewers as Adam and the woman crazy enough to marry him. Fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL won’t want to miss the feature with Heather Tom (Katie), while AS THE WORLD TURNS viewers can get to know Daniel Cosgrove (formerly Matt on BEVERLY HILLS 90210 — you know, the original — and now Oakdale’s Chris) and then cast their vote in the semi-final round of the Supercouple Smackdown. This time around, three Oakdale couples — Jack & Carly, Holden & Molly, and Henry & Vienna — duke it out to be named their show’s most-loved pair.

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