TV Ratings: Thursday March 25, 2010 (ABC Dramas Haemorrhaging Viewers!)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS NCAA March Madness: Round 3 9.95 3.3/11
ABC FlashForward 6.13 1.7/6
FOX Bones (R) 5.78 1.4/5
NBC Community 5.09 2.0/7
CW The Vampire Diaries 3.21 1.5/5
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 4.48 1.9/6
9PM CBS NCAA March Madness: Round 3 13.07 4.4/12
ABC Grey’s Anatomy 11.07 3.5/10
NBC The Office 7.16 3.5/10
FOX Fringe (R) 4.17 1.1/3
CW Supernatural 2.85 1.2/3
9:30PM NBC 30 Rock 6.28 2.9/8
10PM CBS NCAA March Madness: Round 3 10.67 3.9/11
ABC Private Practice 8.59 2.9/8
NBC The Marriage Ref 6.38 2.4/7

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  • Josh Emerson

    That’s extremely low for Grey’s. I wonder if any of the fall has to do with Katherine Heigl’s exit?

  • Linda B.

    I for one don’t miss her. I do however wish she would have left at the end of last season. Her exit would have been much more dramatic and really left an impact. She ended up leaving with more of a whimper.

  • jeffrey bryan

    When up against March Madness, I think it’s hard to say second place in every time slot is that bad. I would only consider this negative to ABC if the numbers for the scripted shows in the time slots were gaining viewers.

  • Carrissa V

    At least the ratings for Greys were better then last week but not by much if I am correct

  • cam3150

    It doesn’t have anything to do with her since she’s been gone for most of the season anyway. The last time she was on was in January I think.
    It really seems like everything has been down in viewers lately. I wonder if Spring Break has anything to do with it?

  • BJ

    It’s crazy to think that this is normal for shows nowadays when the same series was pulling upwards of 25 million viewers not more than 2 years ago. Oh how the times keep changing.

  • Josh C.

    its good to see people sticking by VD. It’s a great show with writing and stories that just get better and better. im glad it already got a renewal.

  • TVFan

    Good point, although it was more like 10 years ago when shows like Friends/Seinfeld etc.. were nabbing 20 million viewers per week. 15 years ago it was Home Improvement, Roseanne etc netting 30 million viewers per week.

  • Melissa

    TV Fan and BJ,

    The era of “countable” 20+ million viewers is pretty much over (except for American Idol). This is due to the number of quality programming choices on cable now a days, people who DVR, and people who watch their programs on line or On Demand. Until Nielson starts including data from these sources, the numbers will be considerably lower across the board. 10 years ago I never watched cable channels, and now more than half of my TV schedule includes shows on cable – Bravo, FX, TNT, AMC, USA, Family, HBO and Showtime.

  • Amolia

    I’m glad Vampire Diaries is getting good ratings. It’s an amazing show! ?