V Star Morris Chestnut talks about Traitors, John May and Hybrid Babies

Val (Lourdes Benedicto) and Ryan (Morris Chestnut)

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We tried, we really, really tried. Unfortunately when it came to extracting spoilers, scooplets, heck virtually any morsel of information with regards to what what fans can expect from V’s highly anticipated return this Tuesday, actor Morris Chestnut was about as forthcoming with intel as the fates are with winning lottery tickets. “I would have to kill you if I told you and I don’t have a gun right now so you’d get away, spill all the secrets, and then they’d kill me!” joked the affable actor who plays impending father-to-be Ryan on the hit ABC. That being said, as we hope you’ll see in our interview, we certainly had fun trying as Chestnut dodged question after question on what led him to join the V resistance, his character’s relationship to the mysterious John May and the significance of his human alien spawn growing in girlfriend Val’s body.

Your character Ryan is one of the most interesting aspects of the series thus far because we have absolutely no idea as to why he decided to betray his people. When the show returns will we start to get an idea?
Morris Chestnut: Yes. There is an episode, either two or three episodes into the relaunch of our show where you’ll find out a lot of the reasons why Ryan betrayed his kind. Called “John May,” it’s a pretty intense episode and involves a lot of flashbacks with the John May character (Played by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum Michael Trucco), where you’ll find out what was going on in my head. The answer has a lot to do with humanity.

If you’ll indulge us for a moment with our theory: One would think that for a V to betray his kind and turn his back on Anna and her ‘bliss,’ something really bad might have have had to have happened to someone Ryan loved. Is there any chance something Anna did caused Ryan to sign up with the resistance?
You know it’s interesting you say that because, up until the sixth episode, I had no idea why I was a traitor and that was the reasoning I used for myself. But now, it’s a little bit different. Just a little bit.

What is Ryan’s relationship with John May like?
[Laughs] Yeah, there are umm…. let’s just say there is a lot of John May stuff coming up. There are flashbacks… are you wondering what happened to John May?

Well, at least in the show’s first four episodes he doesn’t seem to be around too much.
He’s gonna be around, that’s pretty much all I can say.

Thanks for that not at all ambiguous answer!
I’m sorry man, they would kill us if I told you.

Understandable, but since you brought it up. Executive Producer Steve Pearlmen did recently let it slip that there’s going to be a death.
[Laughs] There is going to be a death. They didn’t tell you who, did they?

Umm… yeah… of course they did. Okay, not really, but it seems safe to assume that it’s not you.
How do you know that?

Well, you’re here, and earlier today we found out that it was a very hard day on set, so presumably the character has already died.
Not necessarily, it could have been a flashback, the person could have come back to life! But there was a death and it was a tough day on set. That also took place in the ‘John May’ episode.

The ‘John May’ episode sure sounds like a pretty big one.
It is. A lot of things go down in that episode.

Changing the subject to something that you can talk about. What the status of your relationship with Val? In the pilot, you were on your way to propose, until that whole alien invasion got in the way.
Yeah, so right now I guess we’re still dating. Val’s not actually my fiance, just my girlfriend.

Now that it’s been revealed that Val is pregnant, just how long is it going to take Ryan to start noticing that she’s eating a bit more than usual and she’s experiencing morning sickness?
We get right into that in the first episode back and it’s really about her catching on because I kinda understand that there’s something going on with her. She knows she’s pregnant, but she just doesn’t know that it’s with a half-human half V baby.

One would think that a hybrid baby might be of particular interest to Anna and the V’s.
[Laughs] Yeah I imagine that if Anna found out there was a hybrid baby on earth she would have a very strong interest in that.

Between the resistance and a pregnant girlfriend Ryan seems to have a lot on his plate, is he going to be able to handle everything okay?
He’s doing alright so far.

One last question than we promise we’ll stop prying. Will we ever get to see more of the reptilian body under Ryan’s human skin?
As a matter of fact yes, you will see more. In the first episode back you’ll see some stuff. I’m sorry man, I wish I could tell you more.

V returns with brand new episodes this Tuesday March 30 at 10PM on ABC following LOST (CTV in Canada)

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    Nice interview. Very excited for the show returns. Three out of the first four episodes were pretty solid and Elizabeth Mitchell is da bomb!