10 Things we learned from the cast of 10 THINGS WE HATE ABOUT YOU


1. Nobody remembers ALIENS IN AMERICA.
Before we dove into chatting about tonight’s return of 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU with stars Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck last week, we’d would have been remiss if we didn’t take a moment to reminisce about one of our all-time favorite brilliant-but-cancelled gems: The CW’s short-lived laugher ALIENS IN AMERICA starring a then known Dan Byrd (COUGAR TOWN), Adhir Kaylan (RULES OF ENGAGEMENT), Amy Pietz, Scott Patterson and of course Shaw herself. “OMG! You are one of six people who must have watched!” said an only semi-serious Lindsey Shaw who was most definitely taken aback by the mention of her previous starring series. “Very rarely do I get ALIENS IN AMERICA fans talking to me, but when they do, it feels so good because the show never really got recognized and was really cool.”

2. There was absolutely no apprehension about jumping into a TV show based on a movie inspired by a Shakespearean play.
While television shows based on hit movies starring Australian imports are easier said than done (just ask NBC), both Shaw and co-star Ethan Peck didn’t worry about it. “Right from the start our executive producer Carter [Covington] promised that we really weren’t setting out to reproduce the movie,” said Peck who was tasked with the unenviable job of stepping into the role created by the late great Heath Ledger. “While the show shares the same name and branding, it’s a re-imagination and a totally different beast.”

3. Tonight’s premiere doesn’t waste anytime.
To those fans who have spent the better part of six months wondering just what happened following Kat and Patrick’s dramatic exit from Padgua High at the end of September’s fall finale, you’ll only have to wait two minutes and fifty eight seconds to find out. “We pick back right up where we left off,” promised Shaw coyly. “We actually pick back up on the beach and you’re going to see a good deal of making out!” Which brings us to lesson #4…

4. Making out on TV is not nearly as hot as it may seem.
While on the surface getting paid to spend a romantic day on the beach making out with a genetically blessed Hollywood actor or actress may seem like a win-win, it’s really not be all it’s cracked up to be. “You’d be surprised at how little it feels like making out at that point knowing you have to go back into a scene and not allow yourself to get embarrassed,” said Shaw. Added Peck, “There’s something about 30 people around that takes away from what makes making out special.” Noted.

5. Chemistry is hard work.
A little tip for all of those aspiring actors out there: You only get one chance to make a first impression. An impression Shaw full-out blew the first time she met co-star Peck on set. “I tried to crack a joke which didn’t go well and Ethan was of course silent, staring at me looking through his glasses and was just like ‘Gggrrrr’,” recounted Shaw. Luckily 17 hours days on set for weeks at time seemed have a way of bringing people together. “I think we sort of evolved out of that and our friendship grew and like our characters, took on a life on its own.”

6. Fox News gets one thing right.
Not doing Hollywood any favours in terms of putting a stop to the crazy-liberal-wacko-stereotype that FOX News just loves to perpetuate, Shaw, when asked what she’d do if she weren’t acting says, “Join Greenpeace, travel the world and plant trees.” Whereas Ethan, who we have a feeling has yet to put much thought into not acting considering he is the grandson of Academy Award winning celebrated actor Gregory Peck answered, “Organic Farming.”

7. Larry Miller is both parental on screen, and off.
Playing Kat and Bianca’s father Walter, actor Larry Miller is the only actor to make the transition from big to small screen and, not surprisingly, as awesome in real-life as advertised. “He is such a blast to work with. An amazing force full of advice and always willing to sit down and impart,” revealed Shaw. “Larry takes a really paternal stance towards all of us. Not only as young actors but just as young people. He’s always going something inspiring to say.”

8. There’s no jealousy over the CW.
“Style over substance,” is how Shaw diplomatically answers our question as to whether or not there is any animosity towards the flashier, more expensive CW shows whose ratings at times have been known to fail to equal up to their ABC Family competition. “What they do on those shows is very flash, exciting, fun, and dramatic to watch. What we do is sort of a more subtle version.”

9. Lindsey Shaw loves television.
Unlike co-star Peck who doesn’t even have cable (gasp!), Shaw is a big fan of the medium, just not live TV. “I’m obviously a huge fan of SEINFELD and my addiction to THE OFFICE right now is not even funny,” said Shaw, who added that, “NURSE JACKIE, UNITED STATES OF TARA are back on, so all is well in my TV world right now.”

10. 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU returns tonight.
Which is good news to be sure, even though ABC Family doesn’t seem to be doing itself (or us TV Addicts) any favours by putting it up against LIFE UNEXPECTED, CHUCK, HOUSE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and DANCING WITH THE STARS. We’re just sayin’

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU airs Mondays at 8PM on ABC Family

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  • Ace

    Actually it is a TV show based on a movie based on a play. 😛

    #10 is sadly why I won’t be watching. It was cute enough, but going up against all those great shows (well, not DWTS) is a tall task. They should have made it summer programming or put it on Tuesday at 8 where there is NOTHING on.

  • Jenny

    Well, I watched “Aliens in America” and loved it. In typical CW fashion a good show was canceled too early.

  • Thanks for the correction Ace! Having not been the biggest fan of Shakespeare from my days in high school english I always think of his plays as books, when of course they’re not!

  • TVFan

    Loved last night’s premiere and count me in as one of Aliens in America’s few fans.