Ask the Addict: Spoilers on BONES, V, FRINGE, 90210, GREEK & More!


Question: TV Addict, I’ve got 50 bones riding on a bet with my bestie that Booth and Brennan will be the much-talked-about couple to head down the aisle later this season. Please tell me I will not be $50 dollars poorer in the not-to-distant-future! — Jayson
The TV Addict: To my fellow BONES addicts who insist on inundating my email box with variations of the exact same question, I’ve got some bad news for you. I for one will not be responsible for ruining the super-adorable proposal that may be coming sooner than you think.

Question: As excited as I am for BONES 100th episode, this week marks the 99th. Any big surprises? — Luke
The TV Addict: Yes, as a matter of fact there is a surprise. A fairly substantial one for Angela.

Question: When we last saw Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) he was left to die in a pool of blood. Please tell me he’ll be okay when V return on Tuesday? — Jessica
The TV Addict: I would imagine that if you’re reading a website called, odds are fairly good that you’re well-versed enough in the concept of a cliffhanger to realize that the odds of Gretsch’s Father Jack not-surviving a near fatal stabbing are about as good as Beckett not escaping from last week’s shocking apartment explosion on CASTLE. But since you seem awfully concerned, here’s a photo from the upcoming April 6th episode showing (spoiler alert) the good father alive and well. Phew!


Question: Are we ever going to revisit the Fairview strangler. It’s really the only reason I’m sticking with this disappointing season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. — Jennifer
The TV Addict: Hoping to inject some much needed excitement into a story that seems to have fallen off the face of Wisteria Lane, the Fairview strangler will be back in a big way this April 25 courtesy of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES go-to plot device: The flashback! Entitled “Ephiphany,” the episode will not only show fans that the Fairview strangler been… wait for it… living among the women of Wisteria Lane all season long, but that he once caught Gaby and Carlos during an intimate moment; Bree offered him a job and some dating advice; Susan encouraged his passion for art; and Lynette will show him some kindness and generosity.

Question: Tonight marks the season finale of GREEK, good news for Casey and Cappie? — Mark
The TV Addict: If by good news you mean that the show will get another 10 episodes to properly wrap up the story, well, then yes. But if you mean good news on the relationship front for Casey and Cappie, two words: Bring kleenex.

Question: With the creepiness factor being off the charts, there is only so much more of Jasper I can take on 90210. Any Ideas as to when he’ll be out of Annie’s life? — Renee
The TV Addict: Coincidentally enough, it’s a question I posed to actor Trevor Donovan in an interview last week. Who, after agreeing with me that his character Teddy could totally take Jasper in a fight, revealed that, “it doesn’t come to blows so much, but Annie will be all-right. I think, in the end, Jasper ends up hurting himself more than anybody else.”

Question: If ratings are any indication, I am MELROSE PLACE’s only fan. What are the chances of it being renewed? — Lacy
The TV Addict: Put it this way, when new episodes of FLY GIRLS and HIGH SOCIETY, the CW’s latest reality offerings net more eyeballs, I think it’s safe to say MELROSE PLACE is the one show Heather Locklear couldn’t save.

Question: UNITED STATES OF TARA is the reason I subscribe to Showtime, got any scoop for me? — Adam
The TV Addict: Something will happen with Marshall that may soon find his membership to the “Gayble” revoked.

Question: Things have been quiet on the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER front as of late. Any intel on some upcoming plot-lines that don’t involve my least favorite aspects of the show: Ted and ‘the mother.’ — Madison
The TV Addict: When the show returns from an NCAA March Madness induced hiatus on April 12, it will be Lily who goes a little mad when she decides she wants to get a gun for protection after Marshall gets mugged.

Question: Titled “Peter” I can’t help but wonder if FRINGE’s return on Thursday involved Peter finding out the truth about his true origins? — Jonathan
The TV Addict: Rest assured, by season’s end, Peter will find out the truth about his origins. Just not on Thursday. That said, please don’t let that detract you from tuning into the episode, because I am not exaggerating when I say that FRINGE’s April 1st return — complete with visits to the alternative universe, the introduction of the Walternate, and a decision that will quite literally change everything — marks the series best episode to date.

Question: Like you, I’m still finding it hard to find a reason to jump onto the HUMAN TARGET bandwagon, any reason that might change this week? — Dave
The TV Addict: It might change if you’re into the parade of really good looking actresses that continue to cross Chance’s path. This week, following in the footsteps of THE OC’s Autumn Reeser and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Tricia Helfer and Grace Park is Terminator Salvation’s Moon Bloodgood, who drops by as a super-hot super-smart doctor on the verge of uncovering a corporate conspiracy who Chance must save in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Question: 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU is back tonight, is the show worth catching up on? — April
The TV Addict: Whether or not it’s worth catching up on this harmless half-hour ABC Family series is debatable. That said, what’s not up for debate is whether or not you should download the first 10 episode on iTunes. Which for what is surely only for a limited time are all available for FREE on iTunes.

Well that about wraps it up folks for this edition of “Ask the Addict.” if you’ve got a question for the TV Addict, you can email me directly at or follow me on twitter at

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  • Alison

    I know I’m a little late, but I just watched Fringe’s winter finale last night and it was AWESOME! I didn’t want to watch it right away because I knew it wasn’t going to be on for awhile and it was worth the wait. I know there’s a lot of debate on the whole Peter-Olivia romance, but I am all for it. I think it would work because they became friends first. Anyway, I’m SO excited for it to come back this week!!

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