Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with 90210 Star Trevor Donovan


Before we start, I have a confession to make. Although your performance and on-screen relationship with Silver has completely won me over, I was one of many who when it was first announced that you were joining the show, thought that at 28, you may been a wee bit too old to play “high school!”
Trevor Donovan: [Laughs] So did I and I really appreciate that. Because believe me, when they cast me my first reaction was, “Are you serious?” I’m twice Teddy’s age, but it’s been great.

How did starting off your career on DAYS OF OUR LIVES prepare you for the jump to primetime?
Being on a soap was a great learning experience. On DAYS there were so many lines to memorize that you really had to be prepared, because there is no sitting around doing take after take. That said, primetime is definitely the direction I wanted my career to take and I am so happy to be here.

Teddy and Silver have become many fans (well, at least mine) favorite will-they-are-won’t-they couple on the show. Is there any hope for them?
Things haven’t been going well for them, have they? But anything worth having is worth working for. It’s interesting, what I love about their relationship is that there is a solid foundation — thanks to the commonality of our mothers — which doesn’t happen a lot in the world of TV or high school relationships for that matter. Sure, it’s been dragging on a little bit, but it helps to create a tighter friendship based on something real and coming up we kind of work through the kinks.

Will the introduction of Teddy’s absentee movie star father finally begin to shed some light on what has turned Teddy into such a ladies man?
Yeah most definitely. I think you will really start to see a different side of Teddy starting with the introduction of my father, Spence Montgomery [played by Ryan O’Neil.] Oh man, he [O’Neil] was so cool. He comes in with an intensity and we really get to get into it. It’s very emotional stuff and for me, as an actor so surreal because I grew up watching Paper Moon and Love Story.

And finally, with the news that Rob Estes [Principal Wilson] is leaving the show, I’m curious if you might be able to tease what fan’s can expect in terms of shocking (possibly very emotional) season finales.
Ummm… that’s something you’re going to have to see, but on a personal level it’s a bummer. Rob Estes was not only a great guy and a great actor, I loved watching him and having him around the set. That said, Oh My God! If you thought last season ended in a surprising fashion, every storyline this season has a jaw dropping cliffhanger. The last episode of the season is just intense, really intense.

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  • TVFan

    Love Teddy from his days on days. Nice to see him doing so well.

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  • lisa

    I don’t like teddy and silver together At first I thought they could be cute but they’re totally boring to watch! silver should to get back with dixon and teddy should date with I don’t know his character isn’t really interesting si he could do another spin off and leaves the show! 🙂

  • jimmy

    teddy/silver suck as a couple & they aren’t anyones favorite anything except for the teddy fangirls

    teddy sucks as character, thank god he isn’t coming back next season

    trevor sucks as a human being. FACT

  • Jen

    Fan favorite? where was this poll? He & Silver isn’t a fan favorite. Where the hell did this come from? More importantly does anybody even recognize Silver this season?

  • scent

    I totally despise Teddy with Silver. They lack chemistry and they have nothing in common. I assure you that they are not fans favorite as most of us can’t wait to see Teddy LEAVE.

    hopefully he won’t be back next year. at least not as Silver’s boyfriend.

  • scent


    I don’t recognize Silver at all. Especially an insecure, desperate, Noami minion, needy, clingy Silver… She seems like a pale version of herself…so boring.

    That being said I still like the character and hoping to see a glimpse of her old self sometime soon.

  • Melissa

    Wow, i had no idea everyone hated him so much! I think he looks too old for the part (because he is), but i like his character and i don’t hate him and silver together… I thought they were cute in last night’s episode!

    Nice interview TVA!