AMERICAN IDOL Season 9 Results: Who Went Home

Dying to know which contestants America sent packing tonight, but not enough to actually sit through the commercial-filled, over-produced, hour-long borefest that was tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL results show? No problem, that’s what is here for!

America voted, and Didi Benami is going home!

Photo Credit: Photogroup/FOX

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  • Josh Emerson

    Should have been Tim. Or Katie.

  • Eric

    Shoulda been Didi. Assuming Tim doesn’t count, which seems to always be the case, Didi has been the weakest by far, crying her way through to the top 10. Good choice

  • Josh C.

    Can america please stop watching this train wreck and put this show out of it’s misery. It hasn’t produced a quality artist who actually puts out hits since carrie underwood.

  • Nick

    Remember, America: vote for the worst.