Next Week on LOST….

In response to the Damon Lindelof, the fans, and multiple members of the media who were infuriated — and rightfully so — by last night’s unexpected invasion of the V marketing department during virtually the entirety of last night’s LOST, we thought you’d appreciate our not-at-all-fabricated sneak peek of next week’s Alphabet mea culpa.

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  • John

    Ha. Yeah, that did suck, especially since the giant V was covering what Sun was writing down on her notepad in her final scene with Jack. Whoever invented the whole idea of having anything on the screen (from promos to scrolling updates to even the network logo) should be prosecuted for war crimes.

  • Josh Emerson

    It was a fairly lame episode of Lost anyway so it doesn’t bother me. But I would prefer a clean screen.

  • Ace

    So annoying. I had when channels do that. The worst is Lifetime who has a HUGE Project Runway ad on the screen most of the time while you are watching Project Runway! Dude, you got me already. Simmer down.

  • Hil

    I don’t remember seeing it. Maybe since I don’t have one of those wide screen tv’s it was cut off anyway. I remember seeing Sun’s note cut off and being pretty pissed. I also forgot V was on and missed the first 15 minutes. Yes, I think the countdown thing was cut off my screen.

  • AJ

    as irritating as that was, at least it wasn’t animated. on some stations, their promos cover about 1/2 of the screen and are animated and sometimes even have sounds. it’s SOOO horrible!!!

  • Linda B.

    I remember last season while watching Sarah Connor Chronicles, there would be a big, half-naked Eliza Dushku pop up to promote Dollhouse. Totally distracting, although my husband never seemed to mind. 😉

  • Linda B.

    And yes, I do agree that last night’s episode was lame. I guess any episode would seem so after last week’s awesome Richard-centric episode. 🙂

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