Note To Fox: More GLEE, Less Filler

cory monteith glee

While we’re sure a whole lot of fresh-faced, talented young folks out there were thrilled by yesterday’s announcement that FOX is conducting a nationwide search for performers to be featured during GLEE’s second season, we couldn’t help eyeing the PR stunt skeptically.

And no, not just because we’re slightly past the 16-26 year-old age range eligible to audition. (And yes, we said slightly. Age is just a number, people!) Although it’s only fair to point out that by those standards, the show’s star — Cory Monteith — wouldn’t be eligible. Heck, putting real 16-year-olds next to some of the folks passing for high schoolers on currently-airing shows might just send half the cast of 90210 running to their plastic surgeons for a touch up!

Instead, we smirked and found it almost amusing that FOX — owned by Rupert Murdoch — is trying to use MySpace — owned by… come on, one guess! — as a means of reaching a young audience. Don’t they know that the tweens left MySpace ages ago for Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets we probably aren’t even hip enough to know exist?

We were also a little annoyed at the prospect of more people being added to the cast when our beloved Artie and Tina already get next to no airtime, and that’s before the arrival of such bold-print names as Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lopez.

Please, please, please, GLEE, don’t get so caught up in being the cool kid that everybody wants to hang out with that you forget the “little people” who made you a hit in the first place!

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  • bws

    Glee has A LOT of work to do in the back 9 if it wants me coming back for season 2. The parade of guest stars and “omigosh look who’s music we’ll be doing this week!!! We’re so awesome!!” is already cause for major concern. Screw story! We can sing!

  • Amelia

    I agree on all points.

  • Charlie

    I agree. I haven’t used my MySpace in years. It’s still around?

    I don’t mind them adding new characters, but I would kind of prefer it if they focused more on the ones we have now. Britney & Santana seem to be just as essential to the show as Tina/Artie/Mercedes. Promote them to regulars!!! Or at the very least, just give Matt one line before the season’s end.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with bws. I don’t see myself keeping up with Glee in Season 2. Jane Lynch is brilliant, but I need more than that to keep watching the show regularly. I still cannot for the life of me understand how it won the Golden Globe over Modern Family. There is no question which show is better.

  • BJ

    If shows like Grey’s Anatomy and LOST and even Heroes can manage to have a large cast and make most of the characters feel like crucial parts of the show, then why can’t Glee?

  • Josh C.

    Well i for one am not upset at all. Then again I just so happen to fit in the age bracket, can sing, and would die to be on the show. Hence, why I just finished uploading my audition. Who knows addict maybe soon enough you’ll be interviewing me….

  • bws

    I would have rather Jane Lynch stayed on “Party Down.” She’ll be missed from season 2.

  • TVFan

    Never would have guessed Monteith was over 26…. very good genes Mr Monteith, very good genes indeed.