Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Ways In Which Last Night’s V Was Better Than The Entire First Half Of The Season!


The Pacing
Let’s face it, the first group of episodes weren’t exactly barn-burners. But last night, we got new characters, chills and…

The Sex
Morena Baccarin’s Anna might well be the hottest character currently flashing — last night, literally — across our screens. Never has impassionate coupling been so intense. And talk about a lesson in the consequences of mating before marriage!

The Craving
Fans of the original series will never forget the moment Jane Badler’s Diana unhinged her jaw to swallow a mouse. So when Valerie eyed the dead rodent with a look that said, “You know, I could go for a little nosh,” we couldn’t look away… no matter how badly we wanted to!

The Newbie
Throwing Charles Mesure’s Hobbes into the mix not only gave the resistance a literal fighting chance, but, unless we miss our mark, set up a fantastic little triangle with good (hunky Father Jack) and evil-or-at-least-morally-corruptable-for-cash (Hobbes) duking it out for the affections of Erica.

The Mother Of All Battle Build-Ups
Sure, it’s a little odd that the fate of the entire planet seems to have come down to Anna and Erica, but let’s face it: We haven’t looked forward to an inevitable girl-on-girl showdown so much since Ripley took on the queen in Aliens.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

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  • sretav

    I am a HUGE HUGE fan of the original 1O hour miniseries, watched the downright awful first attempt at an actual series, read all of the books including Kenneth Johnson’s recent 20 years later book that conveniently and very annoyingly ignored anything that happened in the Final Battle and beyond. I really want to LOVE the new V but right now I only LIKE it. What I think is it’s biggest problem is it isn’t BIG enough. There are only 5 resistance members. It’s missing the wonder and the awe of the original. It needs more supporting characters, etc. and I need laser guns and stormtroopers and V ravaged cities and a whole lot more people hiding in secret bunkers, and actually Resisting the V’s.

  • V’s return did NOT disappoint in any way!!! 🙂

    But much as I wish for a Jack-Erica possibility… the guy’s a CATHOLIC priest, not a protestan pastor… so highly unlikely!!! 🙁

  • Nada Nuff


    I think they’re gonna stretch this V story out over multiple seasons. The excitement you miss is coming–you’ll just have to be patient. I’m a fan of this slow, story-based approach, but I also see the risk as well.

    The mouse/garbage can scene was great. The writer(s) should be proud…as well as the actress. Nice throwback.