April TV 2010: Download, Print and Keep Track of All of Your Favorite New and Returning Shows

Like the calm before the proverbial storm that is the flurry of May season and series finales, April may not be the most exciting month to be a TV Addict, but it certainly does have its fair share of notable events. And to ensure you don’t miss the UGLY BETTY series finale, premiere of HBO’s TREME and the much-anticipated return of PARTY DOWN, ONE TREE HILL and that little singing show on FOX, we humbly suggest you download are April TV Calendar. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

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  • Linda B.

    What do you know about Happy Town? Is it going to be like…Crap! – what was the name of that CBS mystery that was on late last spring? I can’t remember the name. ;(

  • Gurtegh

    YOU GUYS FORGOT ABOUT MELROSE PLACE SEASON FINALE!!!! ( yes you heard me … SEASON finale ;])

  • Sarah

    I didnt realize Top Chef Masters was returing, thanks! However, you have it listed as on the FOOD Network, it actually airs on Bravo

  • TVFan

    As always, it’s much appreciated.

  • FYI: As of 5:28PM est time the calendar has been updated to reflect all of my mistakes, including but not limited to leaving of the return of SMALLVILLE, confusing FOOD with BRAVO and leaving off the season, okay let’s face it series finale of MELROSE PLACE.

    As always, thanks for the crowd sourced editing.

  • Kelly

    @Linda B. Are you referring to, I think it was called Harper’s Island…

  • Linda B.

    Yes, that’s it! I was wondering if Happy Town will be like another Harper’s Island – a mini mystery.

  • Linda B,

    Having not heard too many positive things about it, I have to watch the pilot yet. But really should get on that!