Exclusive: Gilmore Girls to Reunite on PARENTHOOD

Taking the GILMORE GIRLS theme song to heart, where Lauren Graham leads, Alexis Bledel will follow. 

Sources confirm to me exclusively that in an effort to reverse the increasingly-depressing ratings that have plagued NBC’s highly-touted (not to mention extremely costly) dramedy PARENTHOOD, series creator Jason Katims and executive producer Ron Howard have agreed to give the Braverman family a little facelift by replacing Sarah’s daughter played by Mae Whitman with… wait for it… Alexis Bledel!

For those unfamiliar with the show — or a little slow on the uptake — that means Bledel and Lauren Graham will once again be playing mother and daughter.

“After the season NBC has had, the network has far too much invested in this series to sit idly by and watch it get beaten by repeats of THE GOOD WIFE,” whispers a high-placed mole on the condition of anonymity. “And the network has kept Bledel under contract ever since her stint on last May’s ER season finale. They’ve just been waiting for the perfect project.”

While the two Stars Hollow refugees are thrilled by the reunion, we hear rumblings that other cast members aren’t quite so thrilled. “Everyone is afraid the series will turn into a GILMORE GIRLS sequel,” says the source. “It’s completely unfounded, of course. This is an entirely different show with a different feel.” But will PARENTHOOD retain its identity if, as is now being rumored, Amy Sherman-Palladino is brought on board as a consultant?

Expect Bledel’s appearance to be a dream sequence conjured up by us as a way of reminding you that by not checking the calendar, it’s incredibly easy to become the butt of an April Fool’s Day joke!

  • Krystal

    You are an evil, evil man.

  • Adrian

    I don’t trust anything you post on april 1st. especially after last year 🙁

  • SimPol

    I am sooo not impressed – I thought it was a great idea and i really do think that it would be a good idea…

    but as krysal said – EVIL!!!!

  • SimPol

    what happened last year adrian??

  • I forgot it was April 1st until you said she’d be replaying her daughter… had you said “as a girlfriend for her son” I might have believed it a bit longer! 😉

    good one though! 🙂

  • luke

    Nice try….After your Veronica Mars April fools joke last year, I’ll never fall for these again 🙂

  • Jasonbres

    Oh, please, you can’t fool me. I am entirely foolproof, my friend.

  • shayna

    Omg I hate you.

  • shayna

    But that was a good one! Haha you got me!

  • showtime

    LOL! I knew something sketchy was up. Alexis would be too old to pull of playing her daughter again. When I saw the tweet I thought maybe she would play anyone else, but Lauren’s daughter again? I don’t think so. Nice try!

  • Nick

    I hate April 1 with a passion.

    Sad truth it, though, it would draw possibly millions of new viewers to the show.

    Not that we (or at least George Michael Bluth) don’t like….”Her?”

  • Ha, this is terrible…I was thinking “no, this will ruin the show” and then I thought “wait a damn minute it’s April 1st” so then I scrolled down to the end of the article 🙂

  • mia

    oh man, that is a new low for you…
    very mean! lol-
    did you send this to Ausiello to freak him out a bit?
    I totally would just to spank him for his frustrating Blind Items!

  • jamie

    hahaha nice April fool’s joke!

  • Chels725

    I knew this wasn’t real when I saw Bledel. I’d be pissed if the show did something like this though since I enjoy Mae Whitman over Bledel.

  • Amy D

    Totally tricked me lol
    At least now I’ll be on the lookout all day so I don’t get fooled again.

  • Abby

    LOL Good one 🙂

  • TVFan

    Just when I thought there was no way you could top last year’s VM movie, along comes my dream reunion. Well done TVA even though I hate you for this.

  • Eliz

    Ha! Totally wouldn’t put it past NBC to pull something like that. I just don’t think Alexis Bledel has the edge needed for that character. So phew.

  • Amelia

    not nearly as mean as when last year you said they greenlighted the veronica mars movie. jerks.

  • Sarah

    I just got so excited and then so sad (cause I’m a Gilmore addict). But still, a good joke 😉

  • Lisa

    It was too obvious. Alexis Bledel guest-starring as a distant relative twice removed? Maybe. Replacing the daughter completely? Will never happen.

    On a related note, isn’t it weird how Lauren Graham’s characters keep falling for their daughter’s English teacher? Why English anyway? Why not science? That would be a more interesting variation to the plot line.

  • At least yours was more believable than some of the others out there…

  • josh

    I’m so relived that this was a joke. That would ruin the show. Although it got me thinking, I wouldn’t mind if show showed up for an episode or two as a girlfriend of her son’s or as one of the adult’s cousins/cousin’s daughter.

  • javajunkie15

    evil, evil man.