First Look: Castle’s Worst Nightmare!

Brace yourself CASTLE fans. For on April 19th, the will-they-or-won’t-they tango between New York’s most eligible mystery novelist and Beckett will come to a screeching halt. Big time. Thanks in no small part to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum and Christian Bale look-a-like Michael Trucco, who as Robbery detective Tom Demming will sweep Beckett off of her feet (in a recurring role for the rest of the season) when he is assigned to help our dynamic duo investigate the murder of a thief. More first look photos of which can be seen after the jump.

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

michael trucco castle

Photo Credits: Karen Neal/ABC

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  • “…Christian Bale look-a-like…”

    Um, not so much. I don’t see it.

  • allie

    yum, I love Michael Trucco. Ultimately Kate needs to end up with Castle, but this is a nice interlude. Lucky Kate!!! 🙂

  • Castle will win in the end and that is all that matters since this actor’s new pilot and series has been picked up over on USA network. This guy is lucky he gets to catch Kate’s eye, because Castle will drop kick his butt down the street lol! He isn’t as cute as Nathan Fillion so no worries. It will be fun to watch these episodes and see all the foreplay and the romance about time Beckett gets some jabs in with Castle and the guy isn’t bad looking to boot!

  • xenite99

    yay!! Michael Trucco looks hot in a suit!! he looks hot in anything!! glad to see him working!! can’t wait to see him in this…i am not a castle fan but i will watch just for my boy Trucco!! and kate is a lucky girl indeed!! and i find it funny that his new show is called “Facing Kate”…guess he is getting a head start!! lol!!

    and “…Christian Bale look-a-like…”

    NOT!! not even close man!! Trucco is way hotter and is a great guy!!

  • TVFan

    Who will hook up first: Booth/Brennan, Castle/Beckett?

  • nikkipdx

    YAY Trucco! I adore Michael and can’t wait to see how his character sweeps Kate from Castle! I love Castle too, but I have to say that I’m for MT all the way! Of course Castle will wil, since MT is getting his own series but it’s great to be able to see him for several eps as well as his appearances in V! Can’t wait for the 19th!

    And Trucco is WAY hotter than Christian Bale!!

  • Kristen

    I read that the scene where they meet is hot! Can’t wait to see how Castle reacts to this, but I’m glad Beckett’s getting a shot at some happiness.

  • Megan

    I think he looks more like Dane Cook than Christian Bale, but that’s just my opinion.

  • cc

    Well honestly….he is no Nathan Fillion….nuff said.

  • He’ll always be Coop from OTH.

  • Jennifer

    Mmmm, yummy! That’s what Kate is thinking in the second to last picture. 😀

  • padmé

    omg,Trucco is already there 😀

  • David

    Well Castle has been having quite a few one nighters with various babes so to be fair it's Kate's turn. But personally I hate the, “will they, won't they” deal. I consider the relationship between the two lead characters to be brilliant and so far has me riveted but having a love triangle or whatever is kinda lame. Just spare me a Bones type deal thanks.